Address Tab

Data items contained on the Address Data Folder Tab follow:

Address Type

Required at Contact/Applicant (Status 02). From drop-down list, enter type of address.

Multiple address types can be entered. As each address is completed, Click: Address, Apply. Click: Address, New to clear the screen for a new address. Continue in this manner until all addresses are entered.

One address type must be designated as the Mailing Address; and only one can be designated the Mailing Address.

Mailing Address

One address type must be identified as the Mailing Address. The Mailing Address can be changed to another address Type (for instance, from Home to College), but only one Mailing Address can be on record at a given time. This allows the user to quickly identify the consumer’s mailing address at any given time.

To document the Mailing Address, click the Mailing Address check box.

To change the Mailing Address, click to highlight the address you wish to change. That address will appear in the Address fields at the top third of the screen. Add the check to the address that is now to be the Mailing Address; be sure to remove it from the former Mailing Address. (If more than one address is checked as the Mailing Address; you will get an error message when you try to Save.)

Although only one address is identified as a Mailing Address, you will be able to select addresses "on the fly" when assembling a letter.

Address Line 1

Enter the consumer's street address or post office box. The address will print exactly as entered: be sure to use capital and lower case letters appropriately.

Address Line 2

Enter address information that does not fit on Address Line 1 (for instance, Apartment Number).

Address Line 3

Enter address information that does not fit on Address Line 1 and 2 (other identifying information).

City, State and Zip

To enter by Zip Code: If you know the Zip Code, this will automatically fill in the City field (if it is in New York State or is otherwise on the database). Enter the Zip Code and Press Tab. The City should automatically fill in.

If you do not know the whole Zip Code, enter the first few numbers and click the down arrowhead to see all Zip Codes beginning with those numbers. Zip Codes will be entered in numerical order. Click the desired Zip Code to enter.

To enter by City: Enter at least the first character or multiple characters of the City name. Click the down arrowhead to choose the appropriate City from the drop-down list. Note: Be sure to look at the drop down list. Certain cities have multiple zip codes and must be chosen from the City drop-down. Press Tab to fill in the Zip Code.

County of Residence

Required at Status 02 (Applicant). Click the County of Residence down arrowhead based on individual's permanent address. Counties will be listed in alphabetical order. Click the desired County to enter.

Alternately, begin typing the name of the County, until the County and State appears.

Email Address

Optional. Enter the individual's email address (only one email address may be entered).

Living Arrangement at Application

Required at Status 06 (Trial Work Experience/Extended Evaluation) and/or Status 09 (Eligibility). Click down arrowhead.

From drop-down list, select the option that describes the individual's living arrangement, either temporarily or permanently, at the time of application.