EPE Support for NEDP

TO: Employment Preparation Education (EPE) adult education programs

FROM: Robert Purga, NYS Director for Adult Education

SUBJECT: Enriched Employment Preparation Education (EPE) support for the National External Diploma Program (NEDP)

To reflect the importance of NEDP being permanently established by the Board of Regents as a pathway to a State High School Equivalency diploma (Commissioner’s Regulations 100.7), NYSED is significantly expanding support for NEDP through the NYS Employment Preparation Education (EPE) state aid program. These new revisions are now completed and outlined below. Currently approved NEDP programs with approved 2016-17 EPE applications may begin claiming this aid now. Comprehensive information and training will be made available for new and potential NEDP providers.

Enriched EPE Support for NEDP

  • Beginning with students enrolled on or after September 1, 2016, when the NEDP program staff have completed a review of a student’s work in each of eight content areas and it is determined that the student has successfully mastered all competencies associated with the content area, the program may claim ten (10) EPE contact hours for each content area completed. These ten hours must be recorded as a traditionally coded class in ASISTS.

    ​The eight content areas for EPE generation are:

    1. Cultural Literacy
    2. Health Literacy
    3. Civic literacy and Community Participation
    4. Geography and History
    5. Consumer Awareness
    6. Financial Literacy
    7. Science
    8. 21st Century Workplace
  • The program should claim ten (10) contact hours when each content area is completed. When a student has mastered the competencies associated with all eight (8) content areas, the program may claim a total of eighty (80) contact hours. The total contact hours are then multiplied by the program’s EPE rate and will be claimed accordingly on the program’s SA160.
  • Please note that this new formula does not increase your agency’s 2016-17 EPE award nor will it impact the program’s EPE rate.
  • The existing formulas associated with all other activities included in the delivery of NEDP will remain the same.
  • To further understand the process for generating and reporting contact hours under this new formula, ACCES-AEPP held two training sessions for current NEDP schools and BOCES. Programs should review this training before recording these additional contact hours in ASISTS. The webinar is approximately 30 minutes in length. (There is a 5 minute period of silence before the webinar begins.)
  • More recently, ACCES-AEPP has also increased the number of EPE contact hours that may be generated for tutoring NEDP students. Students may attend in-person tutoring (either group or individual) for up to 6 hours per week. This is double the number of hours allowed in previously. Attendance in these tutoring sessions should be recorded in ASISTS as traditional contact hours.

NEDP Background

This past May (2016), the New York State Board of Regents approved the action recommended by Deputy Commissioner Kevin Smith to establish the National External Diploma Program® (NEDP) as a third pathway leading to a New York State High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma for students eighteen (18) years of age or older, beginning September 1, 2016.

  • NEDP is a flexible, self-directed web-based program, administered by NYSED approved New York State NEDP agencies, where the reading, writing, math, and workforce readiness skills of participants are assessed through a series of tasks to earn a NYS HSE diploma.
  • The administrative agency for NEDP is the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS). Tasks are meant to demonstrate high school level skills that parallel job and life situations (examples include writing a resume, calculating the interest on a loan, and identifying state and local political issues).
  • Participants work independently on a computer and meet with an advisor/assessor on a regular basis. NEDP is aligned to the federal Career and College Readiness Standards for adult education.
  • The NEDP program does not require students to take any timed, high-stakes tests. However, demonstration of academic mastery at the 9 grade level equivalency on both the CASAS assessments and on the TABE level D in reading and math is required for program admission.
  • Programs interested in offering this pathway to the HSE must commit to completing NYSED training along with NEDP training from CASAS before the program may be offered to students. If you are not already an NEDP provider and would like to offer this program, please contact your Regional Adult Education Network (RAEN) director or ACCES-Adult Education regional supervisor.

If you are not already an NEDP provider and would like to offer this program, a toolkit will soon be available for those interested in becoming an approved NEDP agency in New York State. Until then, if you want to express your interest, please contact NYS High School Equivalency Administrator and cc your ACCES-AEPP regional supervisor and RAEN director.

All information about NEDP, including funding and training opportunities, will be posted on the NYSED ACCES website and disseminated through our RAEN centers. We are also planning an upcoming statewide webinar on NEDP.

cc: Kevin Smith, Mitch Rosin, Margaret Kirkpatrick, Lisa Luderman, Keeno Ahmed-Jones, Susan Lyons, Rosemary Matt, Venu Thelakkat. RAEN Directors. ACCES-AEPP regional supervisors

Date Issued: October 21, 2016