Frequently Asked Questions

Online Lessons | PBS Public Broadcasting | FAQ

  1. What do I need to be able to see the videos on this site?
    Adobe Flash Player is required for all Fast Forward videos. (Installation instructions are available on the Flash download page.) Videos can be viewed using a desktop, laptop computer, iPad or Netbook.
  2. How can I buy workbooks?
    Workbooks are available at a cost. KET Adult Learning – Online store. Call 1-800-354-9067 for workbooks for Workplace Essential Skills, TV411, Crossroads Café, Lifelines, On Common Ground and Madison Heights.
  3. Why do I have to give my zip code?
    Not all states have purchased rights to watch these programs, so putting in your ZIP code lets us know if your state has rights to view the content.
  4. What is Fast Forward?
    Fast Forward is a website that contains a series of lifelong learning videos on demand. 
  5. Who has access to Fast Forward?
    Anyone who lives in New York State and has Internet access can watch these educational programs through streaming video. You can watch whenever you want! Streaming technology allows you to start watching right away with no delay from downloading. You can repeat the videos as often as you like.
  6. Why watch Fast Forward?
    By watching Fast Forward you have access to free educational materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that will help prepare you to take the TASC™ test and earn a high school equivalency diploma, increase your English Language ability, better understand the American way of life and plan for the workforce.
    Available to you are 30-minute long on-demand videos and educational television programming through local public broadcasting service stations (PBS). Instructional videos published by Intelecom are also available on Fast Forward that will help English language learners improve their English language skills, and increase and expand their life skills and citizenship knowledge.  In addition, Fast Forward provides links that will take you to a practice TASC™ test so you can get experience answering test questions similar to what will be on the TASC™ test, and to view maps where you can find Official HSE Test Centers and preparation programs near you.
  7. What other online resources are available?
    Visit our Adult Education Programs and Policy program resources web page for additional online resource tools for adult learners.
  8. Can I watch these videos on TV?
    Yes, the following videos are available on TV through your local Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television stations: Workplace Essential Skills, TV411, Crossroads Café, Lifelines, On Common Ground and Madison Heights. By clicking the PBS link on top of the page, you will see a listing of PBS icons throughout the state. To find your local station you can simply move your mouse over the icon until you see your county listed. By clicking on that icon listing your county, you will see the Adult Education page where you will find the television-broadcasting schedule for the videos listed in the first paragraph of number 8.
  9. If I complete assignments, can they be corrected and are answers available?
    If you are attending an adult education program, the teacher will correct your assignment and provide guidance through the curriculum. If you are studying independently using the online materials and resources most of the workbooks have answer keys and solutions.
  10. How do I sign up for the TASC™ test?
    By visiting the Adult Education Programs and Policy/HSE website you will find instructions for applying for the TASC™ test, finding an Official HSE Test Center and HSE preparation program sites where you can attend classes.
  11. Can I take a test online which will give me my reading level?
    The TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) is the official assessment used to determine Reading/Math levels for placement into an Adult Basic Education or HSE Preparation Program. This assessment is not available online. You must attend an Adult Education HSE Preparation Program.
  12. If I decide to attend a HSE preparation class at a site near my home, can I enter the class at any time or are there entry dates?
    Some programs offer open enrollment where you can enter at any time. Other programs offer managed enrollment, which begins and ends on a set schedule. Visit the New York State Education Department website to see a listing of free classes near your home, and then, either call or visit the site/s to find out when you could enter a class.
  13. If you have any question, whom can you contact?
    If you have additional questions, send an e-mail to