Non - Academic Curriculum

Distance learning teachers can supplement instruction with non - academic resources that have been approved by the State Education Department after it has been determined by the field that they will assist learners in achieving National Reporting System (NRS) goals for program performance along with short and long term career goals as established in the Education and Employment Plan (EEP). These resources include:  Workplace Essential Skills (WES); Skills To Make Adults Ready To Succeed (SMART) Life Management Skills; Citizenship Home Study; Health Promotion Home Study; TV411, Madison Heights, Lifelines and On Common Ground. These resources are not designed to produce educational gain as measured by the NRS. If used, they must be integrated with one of the above mentioned academic curriculum. Nonacademic content should never be more than 50% of the work assigned. A learner is allowed one packet at a time.

  • Workplace Essential Skills - This is a resource published by KET enterprise designed to teach the skills required to obtain and retain employment, and facilitate a job search.  This program combines both video and Internet approaches to introduce the student to resume writing, job search processes, interviewing skills, business math, reading and communication. It is comprised of an orientation and 24 thirty minute videos which are linked to the workbook and internet activities.
  • Skills To Make Adults Ready To Succeed (SMART) Life Management Skills – This is a resource of materials to increase the learners ability in life management skills. This resource may be incorporated into another academic distance learning program offering. 
  • Citizenship Home Study – A resource designed to teach the skills needed to pass the test for US citizenship.
  • Home Study Component of Health Promotions for Adult Students – Only available to agencies with an approved GRASP program. The components must be incorporated as part of the GRASP packet of lessons. Instructors must be trained in the GRASP program as well as in health promotions. Components include nutrition, first aid, health insurance, exercise, health care, resources, substance abuse, and child safety.
  • Madison Heights - Published by Intelecom, it is a video/workbook series whose focus is on family literacy and basic skills. It is a 10 part drama series that brings to light real life issues. The series comes with two workbooks.
  • Lifelines - Published by Intelecom, it is a documentary series that provides instruction in life skills. This is a video/workbook series. There are two workbooks.
  • On Common Ground - Published by Intelecom is a video/print series that introduces students to topics related to citizenship and how government works on the local, state, and national levels. The series consists of 15 (30 Minute) video dramas with real life scenerios and a focus on the fundamentals of democracy. It is intended for high intermediate to advanced level ESL students and ASE students preparing for the US citizenship exam or for the TASC™ test.
  • TV411 - This is a video-print series that provides instruction in literacy and life skills for learners of adult basic education. Videos are modeled on popular television format to provide an entertaining and motivational resource that includes sketches in which characters demonstrate literacy in everyday life. This series also includes workbooks and interactive online activities to provide practice in skills introduced in the series.