Procedure to Begin and Evaluate Pilot Distance Learning Programs

  1. Identify the name of the pilot, purpose of the pilot, population and size of the  program, and submit the curriculum. Submit proposed Distance Learning pilot to the  regional with a cc to the Distance Learning Coordinator by March 1 st to be used by  July 1 st of the program year. Pilot will follow guidelines and procedures set by SED. [Pilot programs are given on a case by case basis and are approved yearly for a  maximum of three years.]
  2. The SED Pilot Review Group, which should at minimum include the regional, Distance Learning Coordinator, Adult Education Director, Regional Supervisor and  EPE Specialist, will meet to review and approve or disapprove the pilot program.
  3. The pilot approval will be included in the EPE approval letter effective for implementation July 1 st  of the current program year.
  4. The regional will notify the state NRS liaison of the approved pilot so that she can  track the data in ASISTS properly.
  5. The agency piloting the program will collect data separately, and document for EPE funding purposes and NRS requirements.
  6. A report of the pilot outcomes should be sent on a yearly basis to be considered as part of the review for continuation of the pilot.
  7. Pilot program information should be entered into the ASISTS database to include:  Name of the program, software or video/workbook series; Agency Name and  Address; Name of the Distance Learning Coordinator and the Program Manager, teacher, assessor, telephone numbers, Start Date, Reapproval Date, Pilot Review  Date, Curriculum Approval Date, etc. 
  8. Folders will be kept, which will include:  An Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan  of Service, SED Letter of Approval, Pilot Review Reports (yearly evaluation  generated by ASISTS), final Curriculum Approval report when applicable. 
  9. The SED Pilot Review Group will meet to discuss and evaluate the pilot program on  a yearly basis.
  10. The new program or software will be considered for inclusion into the Distance  Learning list of approved programs by a review of the SED Pilot Review Group.
  11. Training for those pilots that have been accepted and reviewed will be coordinated  through the RAEN (Regional Adult Education Network) Directors.