Adult Education Programs and Policy

To Apply for Adult Education Teacher Certification
(Print these directions out first before going to the website)

You must apply for Adult Education Certification online through the TEACH Online Services.  Follow the instructions below to help you apply online.  

  • Go to the New York State Education Department website for Adult, Community and Continuing Education at
  • After reading the information provided, click the "TEACH Online Services' button.
  • Click the link in Step 1 "Self Registration to create a TEACH account".
  • Read the information provided, then click the "Continue" arrow button.  Continue through the pages, then click the "Self Register Now" button to create your TEACH login account.
  • After logging in, click the "TEACH Online Services" button.
  • On your TEACH home page click the link "Apply for Certificate".
  • In Step 2, choose the following selections:
    • Select your Area of Interest: Other School Services
    • Select your Subject Area: Adult Education
    • Select the Grade Level: Adult Education
    • Select the Title: Literacy and GED®® Preparation Instructor
  • You must be recommended by a school district superintendent to receive an adult education certificate.  It is suggested you contact your local district administrator for further information regarding these credentials.  The superintendent may request an adult education license by submitting a superintendent statement using the Office of Teaching Initiatives TEACH Online Services System.
Last Updated: November 28, 2011