Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision

Nurse Technician Name Change

To all BPSS-regulated schools with Nurse Technician programs

February 5, 2008

In the 1980s, to alleviate the shortages caused by a lack of licensed professional nurses, hospitals began to upgrade nurse aides by training them in EKG and Phlebotomy.  The trade name, “Nurse Technician,” was coined for such programs.  While in the hospital business itself, it is known that a nurse technician is not a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse with additional training, but a lower level occupation.  That said, the title is often confusing to the general public and invites abuse by unscrupulous operators.

In 2006, Governor Pataki signed a bill which amended § 6903, Article 139, Education Law, limiting use of the title "nurse" to those persons licensed as such by the Board for Nursing, Office of the Professions, New York State Education Department.  The sponsoring memo for this bill indicates that the bill would not affect the title “nurse aide,” which is defined specifically in federal OBRA regulations, or variations such as "nursing assistant” or “certified nursing assistant," all of which clearly convey, through the word “aide” or “assistant,” that the person is not a nurse.

In January 2008, the Board for Nursing notified the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision that the board will not accept Nurse Technician as an appropriate description for such training under the new law protecting the title nurse.

Therefore, all BPSS-regulated schools that have programs called “Nurse Technician”  or “Nursing Technician” must forthwith change the name of their curriculum, enrollment agreement, and certificates of completion.   After consulting the Board for Nursing, BPSS has decided that the new title for such courses shall be “NURSE’S AIDE ADVANCED.”

It is urgent that schools move quickly to change the title in their curriculum and administrative forms, to avoid becoming liable for legal action by the Board for Nursing. BPSS schools have four weeks to send the required revised forms to effect the change.  After March 4, 2008, all schools will use the new title.  The curriculum unit and the field associates will process the amended forms swiftly, but you must send the forms quickly, too.

Please send the following amended forms:

*Curriculum to the curriculum unit.  Since it involves only a name change, send only the first page (2 copies).

*Administrative Forms--Enrollment Agreements, Certificates of Completion, and relevant catalog pages must be sent to your school’s field associate for approval.

Last Updated: June 30, 2009