Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision

Private Career School Teacher
List of General Subject Areas

FIRST DRAFT – September 7, 2012

Please click on each link to view charts containing the permit level requirements for specific certification areas.

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01Allied Health-Administrative Careers (pdf file, 18KB, 1pp)
02Allied Health-Clinical Careers (pdf file, 39KB, 7pp)
03Appearance Enhancement (pdf file, 23KB, 2pp)
04Automotive Technology (pdf file, 16KB, 1pp)
05Business Education (pdf file, 26KB, 3pp)
06Casino Careers (pdf file, 12KB, 1pp)
07Child Care ( pdf file, 15KB, 1pp)
08Computer Applications (pdf file, 19KB, 2pp)
09Computer Careers-General (pdf file, 26KB, 3pp)
10Computer Programming (pdf file, 22KB, 3pp)
11Computer Nationally Recognized Vendor Certifications (pdf file, 21KB, 2pp)
12Construction/Building Trades (pdf file, 29KB, 3pp)
13Culinary Arts/Bartending (pdf file, 19KB, 2pp)
14Dramatic Art/Art/Music (pdf file, 19KB, 2pp)
15Electronics (pdf file, 15KB, 1pp)
16English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) (pdf file, 24KB, 4pp)
17Environmental Occupations (pdf file, 18KB, 1pp)
18Event Planning (pdf file, 15KB, 1pp)
19Exam/Certification Preparation (pdf file, 20KB, 2pp)
20Fashion Design/Merchandising (pdf file, 18KB, 1pp)
21General Academic/Work Skills Preparation (pdf file, 13KB, 1pp)
22General Trades (pdf file, 16KB, 1pp)
23Holistic Health/Fitness (pdf file, 21KB, 2pp)
24Home/Garden (pdf file, 21KB, 2pp)
25Human Services (pdf file, 15KB, 1pp)
26Insurance/Real Estate (pdf file, 18KB, 1pp)
27Security/Investigations (pdf file, 18KB, 1pp)
28Jewelry/Clocks (pdf file, 18KB, 1pp)
29Legal Careers (pdf file, 17KB, 1pp)
30Media: Advertising/Graphic Arts (pdf file, 20KB, 1pp)
31Media: Audio Video Careers (pdf file, 23KB, 2pp)
32Pet Careers (pdf file, 15KB, 1pp)
33Teacher Training (pdf file, 18KB, 2pp)
34Travel/Tourism (pdf file, 16KB, 1pp)
35Vocational Theology (pdf file, 13KB, 1pp)

Last Updated: September 10, 2012