Letter of Continuous Authority

November 10, 2015

TO: All BPSS Schools

FROM: Lisa A. Stiles-Roy, Licensing Supervisor

SUBJECT MATTER: Letter of Continuous Authority

If your school license has expired and a renewal application and fee were submitted to BPSS at least 120 days prior to the expiration date, as per Education Law, and all other statutory regulatory requirements for renewal have also been met and accepted by BPSS, your school may be eligible for a Letter of Continuous Authority to operate until a field visit can be arranged and the renewal finalized.

The items that must be up-to-date in order for a Letter of Continuous Authority to be requested by the school director and issued by the BPSS Licensing Unit include:

  • all school staff are currently licensed and an application and fee for the director’s license, which is tied to the school renewal date was submitted in a timely manner prior to the expiration;
  • the Occupational Educational Data Survey (OEDS) was submitted for the prior year;
  • the school’s financial statement was received and deemed acceptable for the prior fiscal year; and
  • all tuition assessment payments are current.

A Letter of Continuous Authority permits a school to fully operate until a renewal inspection can be conducted by a field associate and, if acceptable, the renewal processed.

If a BPSS licensed school meets the criteria to request such a letter, please contact me at Lisa.Stiles-Roy@nysed.gov. Thank you.