Deferred Tuition and Income Sharing Agreements

Date Issued: 

A Deferred Tuition Agreement (DTA) is a method of payment whereby students pay little or no upfront tuition, then start paying a set tuition to the school in installments, once they graduate and find a job.

An Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) is a type of DTA whereby students pay little or no upfront tuition but agree to pay a percentage of their salary to the school for a set period of time after graduation.

Use of a DTA or ISA requires prior approval by BPSS.

BPSS is currently revising its policy guidance regarding DTAs and ISAs. All proposed DTAs and ISAs that have been previously submitted remain under active review and consideration by BPSS.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining BPSS approval to utilize a DTA or ISA please contact your BPSS Field Associate.