Policy on Letter of Continuous Authority

Date Issued: 

A Letter of Continuous Authority is issued pursuant to New York’s State Administrative Procedure Act. It permits a school that is licensed by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) to operate beyond the expiration date of its previous license, and without having been issued a renewal license, until a renewal inspection may be conducted by a BPSS field associate and (if the inspection warrants) the renewal is license issued.

If a school’s license has expired, the school has filed a renewal application along with the required application fee before the previous license’s expiration date, and the school has met all other statutory and regulatory requirements for a renewal license to be issued, the school may be eligible for this letter.

A Letter of Continuous authority is similarly issued to ESL schools whose certifications have similarly expired without having been renewed by their expiration dates.

The items required for a Letter of Continuous Authority to be requested by the school’s director and issued by the BPSS Licensing Unit include:

  • all school staff are currently licensed as of the date of the submission of the school renewal application;
  • an application and fee for the school director’s license (tied to the school’s renewal date) was submitted before the expiration of the previous school license;
  • the Occupational Educational Data Survey (OEDS) was timely and completely submitted for the previous OEDS year, as per BPSS Policy Guideline 28-0909;
  • the school’s financial statement was received and deemed acceptable for the previous school fiscal year, as per BPSS Policy Guideline 28-0909; and
  • all tuition assessment payments are current.

If your school meets the foregoing criteria to request a Letter of Continuous Authority, it may request one from BPSS Licensing Unit Supervisor, by inquiry to the following address:

Licensing Unit Supervisor
New York State Education Department
Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
89 Washington Avenue, EBA 560
Albany, New York 12234