Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision


Non-Degree Granting School Licensing Process

Before any prospective school owner decides to pursue school licensure, consideration should be made to be certain that the owner and the institution  are in a position to be able to operate in compliance with all of the requirements set forth in Education Law and Commissioner's Regulations.  The New York office of the United States Small Business Administration has valuable information available to help assist people in starting small businesses.  This information is available on their website at www.sba.gov/ny/nyExternal Link Icon Image.

The licensing process for licensed private career schools is set forth under Article 101 of the Education Law and Part 126 of the Regulations of the Commissioner and Policy Guideline 3-0800.  The Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS), within the Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services (ACCES) of the State Education Department, has simplified the licensing process so that all institutions that can satisfy the required standards can achieve licensure or registration.

If you are newly licensed as a private career school, you must successfully complete your first renewal, after two years, before you can file applications for additional schools.

If your institution is seeking licensure, you must read the applicable laws and regulations and policy guidelines contained on this web site and follow the steps below in working with BPSS to secure the appropriate licenses:

  1. Application for School License (BPSS-1) and $5,000 application fee
  2. Supporting Documents for Type of Ownership
    1. Sole Proprietorship - consent to do business from county clerk
    2. Partnership - copy of partnership agreement
    3. Corporation - certificate of incorporation, filing receipt, Secretary's Certificate, certificate of assumed name if applicable, a photocopy of either the stock ledger or each stock certificate that has been issued up to and including the next blank to be issued
  3. Commissioner's Consent - The document that verifies that a school has received approval from NYSED's Office of Counsel to file its corporation papers as an educational institution.
  4. Financial Documents (see Part 126.8 of the Commissioner's Regulations
    1. the owner's balance sheet
    2. statement of the type and location of all bank accounts held by owner
    3. school's 12-month projection of operating expenses including profits and losses
  5. Personnel Applications (see Part 126.6 of the Commissioner's Regulations)
    1. Director application (BPSS-15) including $100 application fee and supporting documentation.
    2. Licensed Private Career School Teacher
      • a) To identify any licensed teacher who intends to work for your school, please provide copies of the teacher’s valid teacher license.  Please do this for all teachers you plan to employ.


    • b) Submit a private career school teacher (BPSS-17 ) application for a qualified teacher, including $100 application fee for each teacher, along with supporting documentation.  A teacher application sent in with a new school application will NOT be issued until the school is approved.  Any applicant who wishes to obtain his/her teacher’s license now should submit the application, with supporting documentation and fee, independent of the school application.
  6. Agent application (BPSS-18) (see Part 126.12 of the Commissioner's Regulations) and appropiate fees listed on the application with two (2) 1" x 1" photos for each.  An application must be submitted for any individual who
  • receives any type of payment from the school or corporation
  • AND solicits, procures or enrolls students.
  1. Curriculum Applications (BPSS-30 ) - see Part 126.4 of the Commissioner's Regulations and appropriate fees as listed on the application. Prospective owners encountering difficulties while completing this application are encouraged to communicate with Bureau staff.

    This application must specifically describe the course of instruction including components such as: duration of the program, performance objectives, occupational objective(s), means and methods of instruction, etc.

  2. Quarters Application (BPSS-6) - see Part 126.5 of the Commissioner's Regulations.
    This is necessary to provide assurance that the facilities are satisfactory for the proper conduct of the school. The facilities must be properly equipped and meet local fire, health and building standards. Approval by the Education Department is contingent upon receipt of the following documents:
    1. Certificate of Occupancy - issued by local municipalities to verify that the premises is approved for use as a school
    2. Local Department of Health approval or letter from the local Department of Health stating approval not required
    3. Fire Department approval

      This is the one component that is not required with the initial submission of a license application package. However, a school license cannot be released until a quarters approval has been confirmed. The prospective owner will be notified by Education Unit Staff when evaluation is nearing completion and that the quarters should be submitted.  Additionally, the final approval of the school prepared forms will be delayed since administrative forms must include the address of the school.

  3. Prototypes of Administrative Forms - The school will be required to develop a wide variety of forms that are instrumental in providing administrative, informational, and instructional services to the students. Please refer to Part 126.7 and 126.9 of the Commissioner's Regulations for enrollment agreement and catalog information.  


Last Updated: March 31, 2014