Web-Based Computer System

Phases one, two, and three of the new web-based computer system have been launched. As a reslt, the below listed application modules for New School, Agents, Directors, and Curriculum are now available to use in BPSS new web-based computer system.

The new system will provide applicants instant feedback and reduce processing time.  Please follow the instructions below that pertains to application you wish to file.

If you still would like to process a paper application at this time, pleae allow an additional 2-4 weeks for processing and/or mail delivery.  Click here to go back to the paper application page.

For those owners who have not received their coupon code and/or still do not have the BPSS entitlement under their My.NY.gov account, please send email to BPSS at bpss@nysed.gov. It is important to include in that email your MY.NY.gov user ID, your name, school name, and the school address.