Case Access Log

The CaMS Access Log shows the time period a case was accessed, the user that performed the access and the nature of access - update or read only. Update access type means data was added or removed from the case and saved; read only access type means case information was read and no changes were made or saved to the case data.

Note: The Access Log will display the last 250 access entries.

From within a Case in CaMS

Click: Case Process from the Main Menu

Click: Case Access Log

The columns are:

  • User Name: First and Last Name of User signed logged on to CaMS
  • Access Type: Update or Read Only
  • Access Start: Date and Time user accessed Case
  • Access End: Date and Time user exited Case

If the log list contains more entries than displayed on the screen, a vertical scroll bar will be available to maneuver through the data.

To access Help:

Click: Help Button

To print the Access Log:

Click: Print Button

To close the Access Log:

Click: OK Button