Case Load Listing

The Case Load Listing function allows you to request a list of contacts; open cases; closed cases; both open and closed cases active during current fiscal year; and cases that are in a specific status(es) by Primary Administrator, Supervisory Team, Operational Team, District Office, Special Program, Referral Source Type, County, City, Zip Code(s). The case listing can be sorted by primary and secondary fields. Searches are conducted locally (data stored on District Officer server).

From CaMS Main Menu

Click: Case Load Listing

Click: Identify/View Cases

The following default values display on the "Identify/View Cases Selection" screen:

Cases assigned to Primary Administrator: Defaults to person signed on to CaMS system if they are counseling staff. If not, can select Primary Adminstrator from drop-down list. It will list cases assigned to Primary Administrator.

Case Status

All Cases: Will list all contacts and cases active in current State Fiscal Year.

Closed Cases: If Closed Cases is chosen, the State Fiscal Year drop-down enables. A choice must be made from this drop-down when searching for closed cases. The choices are Current, Current and Prior, and All. Closed cases will be displayed based on the choice made prior to the search.

Open Cases: Will list contact records and cases in Statuses 02, 06, 07, 09, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 32.

Status List: Allows user to type in any status(es) desired. Contacts are entered as “C”. Multiple statuses must be separated by commas; i.e. 12,20,32,C.

Primary Sort Field Default- Case Status: Will list cases by case status in ascending order (lowest to highest).

Contacts will display at the bottom of the list.

Secondary Sort Field Default - Consumer Name: Within the primary sort field (Case Status), will list contacts and cases by Consumer Name, alphabetically.

You can modify the following search criterion:

Primary Administrator
The drop down list displays all individuals identified on the system as employees of the district office and/or associated satellite office(s).

Supervisory Team
Drop down list displays Supervisory Teams specific to the district office and/or associated satellite office(s).

Operational Team
Drop down list displays Operational Teams specific to the district office and/or associated satellite office(s). For example, intake team, eligibility team, etc.

Office/Satellite Name
The District Office and associated Satellite(s) offices (that you are logged into) will display in the drop down list. If you are signed on to the Central Officer server, all district offices and satellites statewide will display. If a district office is selected, search results will include cases from both the district office and associated satellite(s) offices. If a satellite office is selected, search results will include only cases assigned to the satellite office.

User Defined Field
Enter text that has been saved on cases to select those cases. Enter up to 5 entries, separated by commas.

Special Program
Drop down list displays Special Program descriptions.

Referral Source Type
Can narrow the search by selecting a referral source type from the drop down list.

Can narrow the search by selecting a county from the drop down list.

Can narrow the search by selecting a city from the drop down list.

Zip Code
Can narrow the search by entering a five digit zip code. Up to five zip codes can be entered; if multiple zip codes are entered, they must be separated by a comma.

Case Status
Via Radio Button, must specify All, Open, Closed or Status List to indicate case status. If Status List is selected, must enter desired status(s) in free text area. If multiple statuses are entered, must be separated by commas. Note: Enter C to retrieve contact records.

State Fiscal Year
If "closed cases" is selected as a search criterion, must indicate the state fiscal year for which closed cases would like to be viewed, via drop down list.

Special Programs Checkbox
Click checkbox to list all Special Programs in the cases returned. Note: Checking this box will make the search slower.

Primary Sort Field
The contacts/cases (result list) are listed in an order based on the Primary Sort Field. For example, if the Primary Sort Field is Case Status; the cases will be listed by Case Status beginning with Status 02 and going to the highest Case Status in the list (ascending order). Contacts will display at the bottom of the list.

Secondary Sort Field
The contacts/cases (result list) are listed in an order based on the Primary Sort Field and the Secondary Sort Field. For example, if the Primary Sort Field is Case Status and the Secondary Sort Field is Consumer name, the cases will be listed by Case Status in ascending order (Primary Sort) and within each case status will be listed by consumer name, alphabetically (Secondary Sort).

Execute Search

Enter: Search Criterion

Click: OK button


Press: Enter

Based on the search criterion that was entered, a screen displays if at least one match is found:

The search may result in no matches, one match or many matches based on the search criterion entered.

If at least one match was found, the number will be specified on the title bar of the Identify/View Cases Window. Note that all cases information cannot be seen on the screen - use the vertical (located on right hand side of screen) and horizontal scrollbars to view all information.

Click: arrows on Horizontal Scrollbar to view information that is off the screen display.

If search results in no matches, the following message displays:

Error - 036020- No records have been found for the search criteria.

Restore Last Search Function

If you would like to execute another search with the same Search Options and Search Criterion used in your last search,

Click: Restore Last Search Button

The previous Search Options and Criterion are inserted.

Cancel Function

At any time, you may exit from the identify/view cases screen. To exit the screen,

Click: Cancel Button


Click: Close Button

Open Contact/Case from Result List

To open a contact/case (display contact/case on screen) from the result list, select (highlight) the contact/case that you would like to open: Double Click

Print Function

From the Identify/View Cases List, a Short or Long Case List may be printed.

Click: Caseload Listing

Click: Print Short Case List


Click: Print Long Case List


Print Short Case List Icon (toolbar)
Print Long Case List Icon (toolbar)

Note: The Long Case List includes all consumer information. The Short Case List prints basic consumer information (Case ID, Consumer Name, Case Status, Case Status Effective Date, Date of Birth, Last four digits of Social Security Number, Phone, Phone Type, District Office, Primary Administrator, User Defined Field, Consumer Address, County, Address Type and Impairment.)

The Print Selection Screen displays. The system defaults Cases to Print to All and Copies to 1. To print All cases:

Click: Print Button

If more than one copy is needed, enter number of copies to be printed.

If a select list of cases is to be printed, highlight those cases to be printed. To highlight:

Click: Case

Continue until those cases to print are highlighted or shift-click on last case in section to be printed to highlight multiple cases in a row.

Click: Selected (Radio Button)

Click: Print Button

Note: If a case was highlighted by mistake, remove highlight by deselecting the case; Click on Case.

The Case List document prints.