Case Note: Import Past Header Text

The Import Past Header Text function allows text from a specific header to be imported from a finalized case note(s) to the case note that is being written. For example, if there are finalized case notes within a case that contain information under a specific header (i.e., Functional Limitations/Impediments to Employment), the information can be imported to the same header contained in the case note that is being written.

The Import Past Header Text function is available via the Case Note: Right Click Menu. To import past header text, click to the tab that you want to import into, then right-click in the grey area above the headers. Via the Right Click Menu:

Click: Import Past Header Text

The Import Past Header Text window for the appropriate header displays. See: Title Bar.

In the upper left hand corner, the finalized case notes that contain header entries are listed as well as the dates of the case notes.

Entries may be viewed by clicking on the entry. The text displays to the right. The entry may be removed by deselecting.

To Add the text from the selected entries to the bottom edit window:

Click: Add Button

The information may be edited, deleted.

To apply the information to the case note header:

Click: Apply Button

The Apply Button is enabled when an entry(ies) has been added to the edit window.

To close window:

Click: X in upper right hand corner.

Other Command Buttons

  • Apply All Button: Applies information from all entries to the case note. This button is enabled when the screen is accessed. It becomes disabled when an entry is selected.
  • Cancel Button: Returns user to previous screen.
  • Help Button: Accesses appropriate Help Topic.