Contract Report

Select ‘Contracts’ off the Reports menu -

Test Albany District Office on TX

Select the Contract search criteria desired -

Contract Search


  • AND search is performed - records are retrieved that meet all criteria specified.
  • Contract Number – enter 7 character contract number
  • Contract Type – select from drop-down (college, UCS, SE, van mod, interpreter, etc)
  • Contract Established by Office – In years past some contracts were for a specific office. Now, most contracts are statewide.
  • Contracts in Effect On – This compares the date specified to the start and end date of the contract. If the date specified is on or between the start and end date of the contract the record is retrieved.
  • Exclude contracts closed for Authorizing and Vouchering – Check these boxes to only see contracts that can be authorized or vouchered against. Contracts are set up before the go ahead is given to authorize and voucher. Contracts are closed for authorizing and then vouchering based on details in the contract appendix and close out process done by CO.

Receive the Contract Report based on the search criteria -

266 contracts found

  • If ‘Date Closed for Auth’ has a date in it, the Contract cannot be authorized against.
  • If ‘Date Closed for Vouch’ has a date in it, the Contract cannot be vouchered against.

Double clicking on a row displays that vendor’s Vendor/Services Search Results -

vendor services search results

Alfred University's Vendor/Service Search Results -

Picture of Alfred Search Results

Clicking `More Info' on the Vendor/Service Search reults displays more information about the vendor -

Picture of Vendor Detail

To print the Contract Report -

Picture of print report

Print Selections -

Picture of Print Selections

Select Pages to Print

  • ‘All’ prints all the information (in the above example, 7 pages)
  • ‘Selected’ will print whatever is highlighted before clicking on Reports -> Print Contract Report (in the above example, 1 page)

Select the number of copies needed.
The Report Title can be edited.
Click ‘Print’ to print the report once all the selections are addressed.