Create Contact Record

A Contact Record is created to record basic information on an individual when sufficient information is not available for applicant status (Status 02). For further information, see Referral and Application Policy and Procedure.

From CaMS Main Menu:

Click: Activities

Point: Contact

Click: New

Enter: Required Data

Data required to create a contact record:

  • Personal Demographics
    • Last Name
    • First Name
  • Address
    • Address including Address Type, Address Line 1, City, State and Zip Code, Mail to Checkbox
  • Case Assignment
    • Primary Administrator
    • Supervisory Team

At this time, we recommend that any other known data information be entered in the Data Folder. In this way, information in the electronic case folder will be kept current. Additionally, consider entering the Prefix field for correspondence purposes.

Click: File

Click: Save


Click: Save Icon

After the Save is complete, the Title Bar shows the Individual's Name, Case ID Number and Case Status of Contact.