Criteria Tab

The IPE Criteria Tab allows you to add criteria statements to an IPE Original or IPE Change. To access the Criteria Tab:

On an IPE:

Click: Criteria Tab

Criteria screen displays.

On the top half of the window, multiple criteria statements display, separated by dotted lines. Use the vertical scroll bar (right hand side of screen) to view and locate criteria statements or use the Criteria Search Function.

The first 3 criteria statements Add New Criteria 1; Add New Criteria 2; and/or Add New Criteria 3 should be selected as needed to add a free text criteria statement(s). Double click the “Add New Criteria 1, 2 or 3” text once added to the bottom screen and type in the criteria needed. Also, remember, standard criteria statements may be edited.

To enter a statement(s):

Click: Statement(s) (Statements become highlighted as you select them.)

Click: Add Button or Drag and Drop highlighted Statement(s) to the bottom part of the screen.

Statement(s) display on the bottom half of the screen in the order they were selected. Continue adding statements, as appropriate. If additional statements are added, they will display at the bottom of the list, in the order selected.

A Due Date may be entered in the Due Date column located to the right of the statement. If a Tickler needs to be created from a Criteria, click the ‘Create Tickler’ checkbox. If the ‘Create Tickler’ checkbox is checked, a Due Date must be entered.

Edit Standard Criteria Statement

After it is added, a standard criteria statement may also be edited. Double Click on the statement; the Edit Criteria window displays. Edit the statement; enter a Due Date, if appropriate, and click the Create Tickler checkbox if a Tickler should be created. Click: OK. The edited statement displays on the bottom part of the screen.

If no edits are made:

Click: Cancel to exit window

Click: Help to access Help Topic

Remove Standard Criteria Statement(s)

To remove a criteria statement(s) after it has been added, select (highlight) statement(s):

Click: Remove Button

The statement(s) is removed from the bottom part of the screen.

Note: The Drag and Drop function may also be used to remove criteria statements.