Electronic Reporting Files

  • The Electronic Reporting Files is a link to the Monthly Service Reports submitted from UCS providers who participate in the UCS Electronic Reporting System.
    • If a user receives an email from VRContracts with the subject line of “Report received for <Consumer ABC> for <CSC> from <Vendor name>”, that consumer’s reports will be available in the system.
  • To see any reports submitted for the consumer, click on Reports->Electronic Reporting Files within a case. (see image below)
  • An Internet Explorer window will open and the Electronic Reporting Files screen will display with all reports submitted electronically for that consumer. The user may click to open the desired report. (see image below)
  • Technical Notes to access the reports:
    • The user must have access to the Z: drive where the reports are stored.
    • Staff working in the field must be connected via the VPN.
    • If the case was transferred, only reports submitted to the current office will be able to be opened.
picture of reports in CaMS
picture of electronic reporting file in CaMS