Find Missing Data

In moving from Status to Status, CaMS requires data items specific to the new Status. You can Find Missing Data for any status, at any time, for a specific individual. If you do not use the Find Missing Data option, you will be prompted to enter the missing data when you attempt to Finalize the Case Note resulting the Status Change.

We recommend that information be entered at the time it becomes known. In this way, your Status Changes will move more smoothly, much of the data already being entered. Searching for Missing Data can be very helpful in identifying the data information that will be needed as the case proceeds; in this way you can anticipate the need for information. By completing the Missing Data as early as possible, you will not have to wait to be prompted at each status change.

In order to Find Missing Data, you may be in any Status.

With the case open:

1. On the Menu Bar

Click: File

Click: Find Missing Data


Click: Find Missing Data Icon

2. The Select Desired Status Window displays the Current Status for the individual, as well as a description of the status.

Below that is a drop-down list in which to enter the Desired Status - the status you wish to move the case.

1. Click: Down Arrowhead at Desired Status: Code

A drop-down list of all statuses will appear.

2. Click: Desired Code from drop-down list.

The Desired Status Code, along with a Description of the Desired Status will be displayed.

3. Click: OK to find the missing data.

(Click Cancel to remove the Select Desired Status box and return to the Data Screen.)

In the Tree View, a red Key icon will appear next to any Data Folder Tab title with missing data. The appropriate Data Tab will be highlighted.

4. Click: Missing Data Folder Tab title in the Tree View, or the appropriate Data Folder Horizontal Tab(s).

The missing Data Items within the selected Tab will be highlighted.

5. Enter: Appropriate Data information to make the Status Change. (If done in advance of the Status Change, certain information may not be known.)

If information is not known, to remove the highlight from missing data items and the red keys from the Tree View:

Click: Key icon