Forms and Letters List

Document ID Document Name Mail Merge Entry made in Document Request Log Tickler created in # of days Reprint
07LTR Status 07 Letter        
22FUPLTR 30-Day Follow-Up to Employment      
APPTFINAL Final Follow-up to Missed Appointment    
APPTFUP Follow-up to Missed Appointment    
APPTLTR Appointment Letter    
C08LTR Notification to Consumer of 08 Closure    
C26LTR Notification to Consumer of 26 Closure      
C28LTR Notification to Consumer of Status 28 Closure      
C30LTR Notification to Consumer of 30 Closure      
C34LTR Notification to Consumer of 34 Closure      
C36LTR Notification to Consumer of Status 36 Closure      
C38LTR Notification to Consumer of Status 38 Closure      
COLWAIVFRM College Waiver Application Form        
CSEPROLTR CRS SE Provider Letter      
DIRECTIONS Directions      
ELILTR Eligibility Notification to Consumer      
ELINELTR Ineligibility Notification to Consumer    
EMPLTR Are you working letter 10 days  
ENV Envelope for documents        
EVALAPPT Appointment Letter for Medical Evaluation        
EVALAUTH Cover Letter for Medical Evaluation Authorization        
EVALSCHD Letter Notifying Consumer to Make Medical Evaluation Appointment      
EVALSCHDUP Follow-Up on Medical Evaluation Appointment        
FNCALCLTR Financial Need Review - Financial Need Calculation Cover Letter   14 days  
FNEXEMPT Financial Need Review - Financial Need Exempt Letter        
FNININFO Financial Need Review - Request for Financial Information      
FNINFOFUP Financial Need Review - Follow-up Letter for Financial Information      
FNNOCALC Financial Need Review - Financial Need No Calculation Letter        
GENCONSLTR General Consumer Letter      
GENLTR General Letter      
INFORGFUP Follow-up to Request for Information from Organization      
IPECHGLTR IPE Change Cover Letter   14 days*  
IPEFUPSIG IPE Follow-up Signature Letter 14 days  
IPEGRSPLTR IPE Goal Response Letter        
IPENALTR IPE Not Approved Letter        
IPEORIGLTR IPE Original Cover Letter   14 days  
IPEPENDLTR IPE Pending Letter      
IPEREVLTR IPE Annual Review Letter      
JOBDEVLTR Job Developer Referral Cover Letter      
JOBDEVREF Job Developer Referral Form        
JOBDEVRPT Job Developer Report        
OJTAGREE OJT Agreement Form        
OJTCONSLTR OJT Letter to Consumer        
OJTEMPLTR OJT Letter to Employer        
OJTPROGRPT OJT Progress Report        
ORIEAPPT Orientation Appointment Letter      
RAPPINFO Request for Missing Referral Application Info from Consumer        
REFAPPT Referral Appointment Letter      
REFCONFLTR Referral Confirmation Letter        
REFEXTEMP Referral to Extended Employment for Contacts        
REFFRM Referral Form      
REQINFORG Request for Information from Organization      
RINCOMPL Request For Missing Referral Application Information from Organization      
RINFOFUP Follow-up to Request for Information from Consumer        
RINFOPCKT Cover Letter for Information Packet to Contact      
RSUBMI Request to Consumer for Completion of Report Forms by Treatment Facility or Therapist        
SEPROLTR Supported Employment Letter to Provider      
SEREFFRM Supported Employment Referral Form    
SERVSUMM Service Summary      
SEWAIVLTR Supported Employment Waiver Letter        
STILLINT Are you still interested letter 30 days  
TRFINTER Inter-Office Transfer Letter from Originating Counselor      
TRFINTRA Intra-Office Transfer Letter from Originating Counselor      
TRFNEWLTR Transfer letter from new Counselor      
VERIFYLTR Verification of Public Assistance      
VR-340 Invitation for Bid        
VR-341 ACCES-VR Bid Tabulation        
VR-711 Administrative Review/Mediation/Impartial Hearing Request      
VR-712 Notice of Administrative Review    
VR-713 Administrative Review Decision   15 days
VR-843 Refund of Payment in Advance of Financial Aid Awards   14 days  
VR-844 Training at a College or University Fact Sheet   14 days  
VR-845 ACCES-VR Contribution Calculation Worksheet      
VR-845LTR Cover Letter to VR-845 (ACCES-VR Contribution Calculation Worksheet)      
VTRREG Voter Registration Form Cover Letter        
WTOAGREE Work Try-Out Agreement Form   10 days  
WTOASSESS Work Try-Out Assessment Report        
WTOCONSLTR Work Try-Out Letter to Consumer        
WTOEMPLTR Work Try-Out Letter to Employer      

*The IPE Change Cover Letter will have a Document Request Response Due in 14 Days if a Major Change.