New York State High School Equivalency (HSE) Office

What are the HSE/TASC™ Tests?

The TASC™ is a High School Equivalency (HSE) national examination developed by CTB/ McGraw Hill External Link Icon. The test is available to adults who did not graduate from high school or whose diplomas may not be recognized by New York State. In New York State, the TASC™ is offered in English and Spanish.

When candidates pass the TASC™ test in Spanish in New York State, they receive a high school equivalency diploma with a designation of Spanish.

There are five tests in the TASC™ test Battery: Reading; Writing; Social Studies; Science; and Mathematics.  The tests take approximately nine hours to complete and include a direct writing assessment.  To ensure that the content and skills measured by the tests remain closely matched to contemporary high school curriculum, the tests undergo regular review. 

Please note: The HSE Office in Albany is the only entity approved to issue high school equivalency diplomas in New York State.  If diplomas and/or transcripts are obtained from a source other than the HSE Office, they are not legitimate documents.  Candidates who possess them cannot use them for any academic or vocational purposes.  (e.g. to obtain or upgrade a job, to enter a training program, to enlist in the United States Armed Forces, to enter into a post-secondary institution, college, or university, etc.).

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Last Updated: February 14, 2014