New York State High School Equivalency (HSE) Office

Taking the HSE/TASC™ Tests

Anyone who has resided in New York State for at least thirty (30) days and who is 16 years of age or older (with certain restrictions) on the day of testing may be eligible to take the TASC™ Test.  For more detailed information on eligibility and the required forms you may need, please refer to the:

Application Process and Eligibility Requirements
To apply to take the HSE in New York State, examinees must download and fill out the attachments, including eligibility documents if under 19 years of age

HSE/TASC™Test Centers, TASC™ Test Schedules and HSE Test Preparation Programs
A map listing for each county where the HSE/TASC™ test centers are located, when the tests are given and where a HSE/TASC™ Test Preparation Program can be found in your area

TASC™ Testing with Accommodations

New York State high school equivalency examinees seeking accommodations for TASC™ testing in 2014 may apply for accommodations at:  www.tasctest.com  Please visit the TASC™ website for general information, directions and application forms.  Applicants will need to select and work with an official test center in their community to complete the application.  A directory of official public test centers in New York State can be found at www.acces.nysed.gov/hse/nys_map/counties.html  



Last Updated: February 14, 2014