High School Equivalency (HSE) Forms

Request for Duplicate Copy of NYS High School Equivalency Diploma and/or Transcript of GED®/TASC Test Scores

Attachment H

For Examinee Use

Application and Eligibility Requirements

Attachment A (Fill In)- Application for TASC Testing
Attachment B - Verification Form for TASC 16, 17, or 18 not attending High School for more than one year
 Attachment D - Verification Form for TASC 16, 17, or 18 currently enrolled in a program
Attachment E - Verification Form for TASC 17 or 18 confined to a facility or institution or are adjudicated youth
Attachment F - Verification Form for TASC 17 or 18 who are foreign born and never attended school in the US
Attachment N - Application for the HSE diploma based on NEDP
Attachment R - Application for the Regents-HSE Exam Pathway
T - TAF Form  - Referral form for applicants enrolled in an approved AHSEP program, Adult Prep program, or non funding NYSED coded program
Accommodations Waiver Form

For Test Center Use

Offficial TASC™ Testing Center Staff Appointment Form
Appendix A - TASC™ Security Checklist
Testing Supply Order Form
Appendix B  - TASC™ Secure Transmittal Form
Appendix C - Secure Test Material Distribution Log
Examinee Sign-In Sheet
Appendix K-1 - Group Information Sheet
Appendix K-2  - Test Site List
Appendix H - TASC™ Incident/Irregularity Report

Attendance Sheet for Examinees
TASC™ Testing Accommodation Waiver Form

Test Center Calendar - CBT (Fill In)
Test Center Calendar - PBT (Fill In)

Attachment I - Out of State Testing - To Obtain a Copy of your Diploma

For Preparation Center Use

HSE TASC™ Candidate Post Test Verification Form (Fill In)

College Credit - To Have Your Credits Reviewed

Attachment J - Application Based on Earned College Credit

Computer Based Testing (CBT) Forms For Test Center Use

Checklist for new Test Centers

Requirements for Test Center Physical Layout

Voucher Information and Forms

HSE Standard Voucher System

All official HSE/TASC™ Testing Centers with reimbursement contracts to offer public testing in New York City and Rest-of-State are required to submit standard vouchers and summary reimbursement forms to the ACCES HSE office for payment.  Please see the links below for more information.

Forms to be used for the TASC™

Contact Information:

For questions regarding payment vouchers, please contact (518) 474-8940 or AEPP@nysed.gov

Handbooks, Guides and Manuals

DRC JKL Manuals and Guides

DRC TASC Accommodations Manuals, Forms and Webex