Practice taking the TASC™ Test on the Computer

Unsure about whether you want to take the TASC™ test on paper or a computer? The Online Tools Training (OTT) is a completely free and easy way for people to get a feel of what the TASC™ Computer-Based test is like. Sample test questions on the OTT let you practice on all the different kinds of items found on each TASC™ test content area: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing. You will also get a chance to practice different types of computer-based testing questions. These include multiple-select and drag-and-drop items. The OTT is available in English and Spanish versions.

Just like the TASC™ Computer Based Test, the OTT provides the following tools for testers:

  • Online Large Print capability
  • Text to Speech audio (screen reader)
  • Magnifier, Highlighter, and Line Guide
  • Selectable masking, background and foreground colors
  • Online calculator
  • Cross-off tool, Sticky note, Eraser
  • A variety of other computer-based testing tools

The Online Tools Training can be taken an unlimited number of times, but it must be accessed via the Google Chrome browser.

Note: All TASC™ Testing (Paper or Computer) must be done at an official testing center approved by the New York State Education Department. Find a Test Center near you.