TASC™ Test Accommodations

In New York State, public TASC Examinees with disabilities may apply for testing accommodations by following the steps below.  Examinees in private facilities should work with their Education Supervisors to complete and forward applications for TASC testing accommodations. 

  1. Select your official TASC test center - Identify an official TASC test center in your community from the directory of official TASC Test Centers on the NYSED website. The Test Center Coordinator will assist you with completion of the application, and the Test Center Coordinator's signature is required for application.  If you need assistance to locate an official public TASC Test Center, please call the New York State High School Equivalency Office at 518 474-5906.
  2. Complete your application – Visit TASC Test
  3. Mail your application - The completed TASC application for accommodations, along with supporting documentation, must be sent to CTB for review and decision. Retain copies of all application materials for your own records. Do NOT send applications for TASC accommodations to The New York State Education Department.  Applications received by the New York State Education Department will be returned to the applicant.

    Mail completed applications to:
    CTB McGraw-Hill LLC 
    Attn: TASC Accommodations Administrator c/o Customer Service Department 
    6901 N Michigan Road 
    Indianapolis, IN 46268 

    To check on the status of your TASC accommodation application, please call (888) 282-0589 between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern time or email them.

  4. Notification of your application decision – Applicants and Test Center Coordinators will be notified of decision by mail within 30 business days from post-marked receipt date of application Examinees who are approved for accommodations may then contact the test center coordinator to schedule their test session.  Approvals for accommodations are valid for one year from date of approval, and Extensions of previously approved TASC accommodations may also be applied for.