Ineligibility Case Note

In order to provide vocational rehabilitation services beyond assessment, the individual must be found Eligible for services: the individual has an impairment, the impairment is an impediment to employment, the individual will benefit from services; and the he/she requires services. If any of these requirements cannot be document, the individual must be closed as Ineligible.

For more information on Ineligibility, see:

Policy 202.00: Eligibility for Services
Procedure 202.00P: Eligibility Procedures
Rehabilitation Act: Section 102 (5) Determination of Ineligibility
Policy 205.00: Individuals with Significant Disabilities
Procedure 205.00P: Individuals with Significant Disabilities
Questions and Answers on Referral and Application, Significant Disabilities and Eligibility

Reasons for closure for reasons of Ineligibility:

  • From Status 02/07:
    • Does Not Require VR Services
    • No Impairment
    • No Impediment to Employment
  • From Status 06:
    • Disability Too Significant to Benefit from VR Services

In order to do an Ineligibility determination, the case must be in status 02, 06 or 07.

With the case open:

1. On the Menu Bar

Click: Case Process

Point: Ineligible Decision

Click: Ineligibility Case Note

2. The Ineligibility Case Note screen includes:

Date Enter: Ineligibility Date Required
Final Check Box Disabled. Automatically checked when the case note is finalized

Eight horizontal tabs appear across the top: Reason for Ineligibility Certification, Impairment, Functional Limitations/Impediment to Employment, Services Required, Service Duration, Significant Disability Determination, Impact on Financial Benefits, and Rehabilitation Technology.

The tabs highlighted in blue (Reason for Ineligibility Certification, Impairment, Functional Limitations/Impediment to Employment, Significant Disability Determination and Rehabilitation Technology) are required in order to finalize an Ineligibility. Tabs that are not highlighted are optional.

When a tab is selected (Click), the full name appears immediately below the tab.

Below that, a prompt or cue card appears to identify the documentation requirements.

The information that is entered in the Tab fields will be entered onto the Case Note and saved as Header text.

Tool Bar The Tool Bar has drop down lists to change the font and point size. It also has buttons for Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Left Align, Center, Right Align, and Justify.
Text Area Click identified tab to enter information Required Data Missing If data is missing to close the case in Status 08, the message Required Data Missing appears in the lower left corner. Later, when you attempt to Finalize the Ineligibility Case Note, you will be prompted to enter identified data.
Authored by: Defaults to the Primary Administrator (this can be changed from a drop-down list of authors).

3. Enter Case Note Text

Click: Ineligibility Certification (Inelg Crt)

Enter: Reason for Ineligibility: If no impairment, specify no impairment. If no impediment to employment, explain. If no expectation of benefit, specify clear and convincing evidence. If does not require services, explain.

Enter free text, and/or

Apply Standard Language Phrases via the Push Pin in the Tool Bar

Repeat for all other required headers and optional headers, if desired.

4. Saving

The Ineligibility Case Note can be saved as a Draft document at any time:

Save as a Draft:

Click: Save icon or File, Save or

Press: Ctrl-S

The Draft will be entered, with Ineligibility Case Note Date, in the Tree View.

At any time you wish to access the Ineligibility Case Note to edit the draft:

Click: Plus (+) sign to the left of Case Note Category in the Tree View

The plus will change to a minus sign.

A drop-down list of any draft or finalized Case Notes will display

Click: Plus (+) sign to the left of Ineligibility Case Note

Click: Draft date you wish to open

The identified draft Ineligibility Case Note will display for review/editing.

5. Prior to finalizing the Ineligibility Case Note, complete:

  • Data items required for an Ineligibility
    • Status 02/07 to 08 (ineligibility):
      • Personal Demographics Tab
        • Race and Ethnicity
      • Disability Tab
        • Significance of Disability
        • Primary Impairment (can be No Impairment)
      • Closure Tab
        • Closure Reason
    • Status 06 to 08 (Ineligibility)
      • Personal Demographics Tab
        • Race and Ethnicity
      • Disability Tab
        • Secondary Impairment
      • Closure Tab
        • Closure Reason
        • Primary Source of Support
        • Highest Education
        • Medical Insurance

6. To Finalize the Ineligibility Case Note:

Click: File (while in Ineligibility Case Note)

Click: Finalize or click Finalize icon.

Get Status Change Window

  • Current Status: 02
    Effective Date: The date the Status 02/06/07 was made effective. Description of 02: Applicant
  • Next Status: 08
    Effective Date: The Status 08 Effective Date will default to case note date. It can be edited, but must be on or after the Status 02 date and on or before today's date.

    (If the Effective Date is edited, the Ineligibility Case Note date will be changed to comply with the Status 08 Effective Date)

  • Description of 08: Closed Ineligible
  • Reason for Closure: Shows the reason previously entered
  • Reminders: Appear only if appropriate

Click: OK to go into Status 08 or

Click: Cancel to cancel the status change

When finalized, the Case Status will change from 02/06/07 to 08 in the Title Bar.

The Print Documents screen appears, and the Ineligibility Case Note (CNELI) and the Ineligibility Notification to Consumer (ELINELTR) will be assembled.

The finalized Ineligibility Case Note will appear in the Tree View, under Case Note Category/Ineligibility Case Note, as Final.

7. Errors

If required items or documents are missing, notification or error message will appear:

Blank Headers

Blank Headers may or may not be mandatory. Messages appear depending on the type of header that is not completed:

004053: Case Note Detail Text is blank for mandatory headers. This error message indicates that information has not been entered into one or more of the mandatory headers (highlighted in blue). The Case Note cannot be finalized until information is entered.
004250: There are blank headers - continuing will delete them.

This message reminds you that there is no information in an optional header (not highlighted in blue).

Click: OK to continue without completing the optional header.

Click: Cancel to return to the Ineligibility Case Note screen.

Required Data Missing

Required Data Missing If the message: Required Data Missing appears in the lower left corner of the Ineligibility Case Note, you are being advised that data is needed for Status 08. When you attempt to Finalize the Case Note, you will be prompted to enter identified data.
004220: Prompt for Required Missing Data.

If you attempt to Finalize an Ineligibility Case Note, and required data for Status 08 is missing (as noted in the lower left corner of the Case Note), you will receive this error message.

Click: No to cancel out of Finalize and return to the Case Note screen.

Click: Yes to identify missing data in the Data Folder.

The prompt indicates that the missing data is on the Personal Demographics and Closure Tabs of the Data Folder. It further highlights the field on the Personal Demographics Tab that is missing.

Once missing data is completed, the Status Change Form appears when you Finalize. If there is a missing document, you will be prompted at this time.