IPE: Change

The Individualized Plan for Service (IPE) is the written plan of action which outlines the Employment Goal, Criteria to Evaluate Progress, and Services to be provided. An IPE Change must be completed any time there is a Major or Minor change to the IPE.

For more information, see:

Policy 206.00: Individualized Plan for Employment
Rehabilitation Act: Section 102(b)
Federal Regulations §361.45; §361.46

Note: In order to create an IPE Change, there must be a finalized Original IPE.

From an Open case:

1. On the Menu Bar

Click: Case Process

Point: IPE Change
(If there is no Original IPE, or if a draft already exists, this will be disabled.)

Click: Create IPE Change

2. The IPE Change Window displays:

The data on the first tab will roll-over from the previous IPE, except for the IPE Date.

Complete the IPE Date and update any other data as required for this IPE.

Five horizontal tabs will appear across the top:
Main, Services, Criteria, Extended SE, Comments

The information that is entered into the Tab fields will be entered onto the IPE Change Form, as appropriate. In addition, it will maintain information in CaMS (for ticklers, etc.) and send information to the Mainframe (financial information, etc.).

Main Tab

3. Click: Main Tab

Enter, as appropriate:

IPE Date Required. This data must be on or after the Original IPE date. Cannot access other Tabs (Services, Criteria, Extended SE, Comments) until date is entered.
Authored By Required - identifies the individual who wrote the IPE. Defaults to the Primary Administrator, or choose from drop-down list.
(Final) Display only
(Change Date) Disabled for IPE Change.
SOC Code Rolled over from previous IPE. Required to be updated if there is a change in goal.
SOC List Click this button to display the SOC Code list to choose the SOC Code from.
Employment Goal Rolled over from previous IPE. Required to be updated if there is a change in goal. If an SOC Code is entered or chosen, defaults to the SOC title. Can be edited.
Employment Goal Date Rolled over from previous IPE. Date employment is to be achieved.
SE Goal Rolled over from previous IPE. If checked, enables Extended SE Tab, checks SE checkbox under Service Options and inserts `Supported Employment' in front of job title on printed copy of IPE Original/IPE Change.
Annual Review Date Rolled over from previous IPE. Date must be today or in the future and no later than one year from today's date.
Projected Job Ready Date Rolled over from previous IPE. Date consumer is expected to be job ready.
Case is Job Ready Rolled over from previous IPE. Yes/No/Null

Service Options

  • Home Modification
  • Maintenance
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Personal Assistance Services
  • Physical Restoration
  • Post Employment Services
  • Rehabilitation Technology
  • Supported Employment
  • Transportation
  • Vehicle Modification
  • Vocational Training
  • Other
  • Other Description - Enabled for free text only if Other is checked

Note: Counseling, Guidance and Placement are assumed and reflected on the printed copy of the IPE.

(Check as appropriate)

Services Tab

Enter information, as appropriate:

4. Click: Services Tab

Note that there are three vertical tabs:

Service Line (active)
Mail To (enabled only if Other is clicked in the Mail To field in the Service Line)

5. Click: Service Line Vertical Tab

These fields must be completed separately for each line of service.


Authorization Type If a new service is entered, required to Finalize. Choose from drop down list.
Service Provider If a new service or provider is entered, required to Finalize. Choose from drop-down list or Vendor/Service Search.
Vendor Number Automatically inserted if Service Provider is entered. If Service Provider field is blank and Vendor # is entered, the Service Provider name is automatically entered when you tab off the Vendor # field.
(Worksheet Date) Displays IPE date. Disabled.
(Spend Down Balance) Display only
Case Service Description Required. Choose from drop down list of available Case Service Descriptions
Contract Number Choose from drop down list of Contract Provider Names and Contract Dates. Enables based on Authorization Type chosen.
Description Required. Defaults to Case Service Description; may be edited to provide a more precise description.
Start Date of Service If a service is entered, required to Finalize. Must be on or after the data of the Original IPE
End Date of Service If a service is entered, required to Finalize. Cannot be more than one year from Start Date, except for No-Cost and School No-Cost services.
Quantity If a service is entered, required to finalize.
Unit Optional. Choose from drop-down list.
Unit Price If a service is entered, required to finalize.
(Total Cost) Display only - automatically calculated.
Comparable Benefits Enter amount of Comparable Benefits, if known.
(Spend Down) Display only.
Consumer Responsibility If a service is entered, enter the amount the individual is expected to apply toward his/her services.
VR Cost If a service is entered, required to Finalize.
Mail To If a service is entered, required to Finalize. Choose Vendor, Consumer, or Other. If Other is chosen, the Mail to Vertical Tab is enabled.
(Authorization Category) Disabled unless Authorization Type is M&T. If M&T, required to Finalize.
Vouchers Enter number required.
Timesheets Enter number required.
Additional Instructions Disabled if Authorization Type is No Cost and Service Provider is VR Counseling and Guidance.
Rel/Fin Date Required to Release date. Must be today's date or in the future. Required to Finalize.
(Authored By) Read only - Displays author of IPE.
Cancel Check if wish to cancel a line of service.
(Status) Display only.

Click: Apply Button (Service Line)

If you have another line of service to enter:

Click: New Button (Service Line)

Repeat the process of applying new lines of service until all Service Lines for the IPE are entered.

5. If you would like more information about any vendor, see Vendor/Service Search.

6. If you are interested in seeing a summary of all the service lines that have been entered for this IPE Change:

Click: Summary Vertical Tab

This will display one horizontal line for each line of service, providing the following information: Provider; Service; Start Date; End Date; Release Status; Release Date; CaMS Cancel; VR Cost; and Req Import Number.

Clicking to highlight any of these lines will fill the Service Line vertical tab fields with the full information for that line of service.

7. If your Mail To choice was Other, you will need to enter an appropriate name and address:

Click: Mail To Vertical Tab (Remember: this will not be enabled unless the Mail To is Other)

Enter: Addressee (Name)
Up to three lines of address (Address Lines 1, 2, 3)
City, State and Zip Code (via drop down pick list)
Zip Code + 4 (Optional)

Click: Apply Button (Mail To)

Criteria Tab

Click: Criteria

The Criteria to Evaluate Progress screen displays:

On the top half of the window, multiple criteria statements display, separated by dotted lines. Use the vertical scroll bar (right hand side of screen) to view and locate criteria statements or use the Criteria Search Function.

To add a criteria statement(s):

Click: Statement(s)

Click: Add Button or

Use the Drag and Drop Function

To free text a criteria statement(s), add "Add New Criteria 1" statement. After the statement is added, Double Click on the statement to access the Edit Criteria Window. Enter criteria statement; enter Due Date and check the Create Tickler checkbox, if appropriate, Click: OK.

Criteria statement(s) display as one line summary on the bottom part of the screen.

If you wish, enter the Due Date and click the Create Tickler checkbox to receive a tickler on this Criteria Statement.

To edit a standard Criteria Statement(s), after it has been added, Double Click on the statement to access the Edit Criteria Window. Edit statement, enter Due Date and click the Create Tickler checkbox, if appropriate, Click: OK.

To remove a Criteria Statement(s) from the bottom of the screen:

Click: To Highlight (multiple statements may be highlighted)
Click: Remove Button

Highlighted criteria statements are removed.

Supported Employment (Extended SE Tab)

8. If you have identified Supported Employment Goal:

Click: Extended SE Tab
This tab is enabled only in SE Goal is clicked in the Main Tab.

The Extended SE window displays.

Enter: Service Provider from drop down list. This field is required if there is an SE Goal.

Enter: Funding Source from drop down list. If Other is chosen as the Funding Source, the Other Funding Source field becomes enabled to enter free text. This field is required if there is an SE Goal and Other is chosen as the Funding Source.

Comments Tab

9. Click: Comments

The Comments window displays.

Since comments are optional, the Consumer Has No Comments check box is active. Check this checkbox if the consumer has no comments.

Enter: Consumer Comments as free text if they are provided at the time you are doing the IPE.


10. The IPE Change can either be saved as a Draft or Finalized

Save as a Draft:

Click: Save icon or

Click: File, Save or

Press: Ctrl-S

The Draft will be entered, with IPE Change Date, in the Tree View.

At any time you wish to re-enter the IPE to edit the draft:

Click: Plus (+) sign to the left of IPE in the Tree View

The plus will change to a minus sign; a list of any draft or finalized IPE's display.

Click: Draft you wish to reopen

The identified draft will appear in the IPE screen for review/editing.

To delete the draft IPE Change, draft IPE Change must be displayed on screen.

Retrieved draft IPE Change displayed:

Click: Case Process

Point: IPE Change

Click: Delete Draft IPE Change

IPE Change is deleted.

To Finalize the IPE Change:

Click: File

Click: Finalize or click Finalize icon.

When Finalized, the Documents screen appears, and the document will be assembled, along with any other required documents.

The finalized IPE Change will appear in the Tree View, under IPE, with the IPE Data.

11. Errors

If required items or documents are missing, an error message will appear:

Required Fields are Missing

If required fields are missing, Error 032001 will appear.

Click: OK

You will be brought back to the IPE screen.

Required areas will be highlighted and must be completed before the IPE can be finalized.

IPE Development Case Note Not Completed

The IPE Change Case Note dated on or after the previous IPE must be finalized before an IPE Change can be finalized. If you have not finalized an IPE Change Case Note before finalizing the IPE Change, you will receive Error Message 020251, An "IPE Change" cannot be finalized without a supporting finalized IPE Development Case Note.

Case In Status Prior to 12

The IPE Change cannot be finalized unless the case is in status 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 24 or 32. If the case is in any other status, you will receive: Error Message 020212, The "IPE Date" on an IPE Change must be on or after the "IPE Date" on the Original IPE.

Click: OK

You will need to move the case into an appropriate status before you will be able to Finalize the IPE.

IPE Change Date Prior to the Original IPE Date

The IPE Change date must be on or after the date of the Original IPE. If not, Error 020212 will display: IPE Date on a Change must be greater than or equal to the IPE Data on the Original IPE.