Logon to CaMS

To access VR's Case Management System (CaMS), you must logon to the CaMS application.

From Windows desktop

Double click on CaMS icon

Confidentiality Agreement Displays.

If you Disagree with conditions and terms of Confidentiality Agreement:

Click: Disagree (If Disagree is selected, you will automatically be exited from Logon Process.)


If you Agree to conditions and terms of Confidentiality Agreement:

Click: Agree

Logon Screen displays

Enter: User ID (Defaults to User ID used for logging on to the LAN - usually first character of first name and up to seven characters of last name)

Press: Tab


Click: Password field

Enter: Password (at least six characters/digits)

Press: Tab


Click: Office

Enter: Office from drop down list (Defaults to office selected when CaMS was last accessed on the workstation.)

Click: OK


Press: Enter

A Splash Screen will display on your screen stating:

Welcome To The Case Management System Version 4.4

CaMS Screen displays

If user has ticklers due on their cases, the Tickler screen will display first. Otherwise, the screen will be blank. The CaMS screen is comprised of the following three areas:

  • Title Bar
  • Menu Bar
  • Tool Bar

Note: If you encounter an error message while logging on to CaMS, please contact your RSA/SA, CaMS Liaison or VRCaMSQ.