Non IPE Services

Non-IPE Services are not included on an IPE Original or IPE Change, i.e., diagnostic services, services provided during Trial Work Experience/Extended Evaluation (Status 06). Service justification should be documented in a case note (i.e, Non-IPE Case Note) before authorizing service.

From within a Case:

Click: Case Process (Main Menu)

Point: Non-IPE Services

Click: Service Worksheet

The Non-IPE Services Worksheet screen displays and defaults to the Service Line tab. Two other horizontal tabs comprise the Non-IPE Services Worksheet: Summary and Mail To.

To authorize a service, complete the following information:

Authorization Type: Required. Select from drop-down list.
Service Provider: Required. Select via Vendor/Service Search or via drop-down list.
Vendor Number: Required with the exception of Auth Types of M&T and No Cost Service, if VR (Counseling and Guidance) is selected as the Service Provider.
Worksheet Date: Required.
Spend Down Balance: Display only.
Case Service Description: Required. Select from drop-down list or via Vendor/Service Search.
.Contract Number: Required if Auth Type is SE Contract or Contracts. Select from drop-down list.
Description: Defaults to Case Service Description. Modify to make more precise, if appropriate.
Start Date:


End Date: Required. Cannot be more than one year from State Date of service except for No Cost Service and School No Cost services.
Quantity: Required, except when Auth Type is No Cost Service and VR (Counseling and Guidance) is identified as the Service Provider or Auth Type is School No Cost.
Unit: Optional. Select from drop-down list.
Unit Price: Required, except when Auth Type is No Cost and VR (Counseling and Guidance) is identified as the Service Provider.
Total Cost: For display only. System calculates by multiplying the Quantity and Unit Price.
Comparable Benefits: Enter amount, if known.
Spend Down: If appropriate, enter dollar amount that consumer must contribute towards the Total Cost of service, based on total available resources.
Consumer Responsibility: Enter dollar amount that the consumer is responsible to pay towards the Total Cost of service.
VR Cost: Required. If Auth Type is "No Cost Service" or "School No Cost", system will enter $0.00 and disable (gray out) VR Cost.
Mail To: Required. Defaults to Vendor. Click Consumer, Other Radio Button, if appropriate.
Authorization Category: Becomes enabled if Authorization Type is M&T. Required for M and T service line. Authorization Category should contain the same entry as selected for Unit.
Vouchers: Defaults to 1. Required, except when Auth Type is No Cost and VR (Counseling and Guidance) is identified as the Service Provider or Auth Type is School No Cost.
Timesheets: Optional. Enter the number of timesheets, if applicable.
Additional Instructions: Optional. Enter additional instructions to the vendor. Up to 548 characters are allowed.
Release To Finance Date (Rel/Fin): Required for each line of service. Defaults to today's date.
Authored By: Required.
Cancel: Click on checkbox to cancel a line of service in CaMS.
Status: Display only. Shows the status of service line.

Click: Apply Button

Service line information is applied to the Summary Tab. To enter another line of service:

Click: New Button

The following information from the previous service line displays on the new service line:

  • Service Provider
  • Vendor Number
  • Worksheet Date
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Rel/Fin Date

The information may be changed on the new service line. Continue the process until all service lines have been applied.

To view the Summary Tab:

Click: Summary Tab

The Summary window displays.

The Summary Tab provides a one-line summary for each line of service that was applied. The one-line summary includes the Provider of Service, the Service Description, Start Date of Service, End Date of Service, Release Status, Release Date, CaMS Cancel Date, VR Cost, Req Import Number. To view information that displays off the screen, use the vertical scroll bar located at the bottom of the screen.

To return to the Service Line Tab:

Click: Service Line Tab, or

Double Click on the service line contained in the summary list. This will return you to the Service Line Tab and that service line information will display.

Save the Non-IPE Service Worksheet

To save the Non-IPE Service Worksheet as a draft:

Click: Save Icon, or

Click: Ctrl-S, or

Click: File, Save

The draft Non-IPE Service Worksheet displays in the Tree View.

Finalize the Non-IPE Service Worksheet

To finalize the Non-IPE Services Worksheet:

Click: Finalize Icon, or

Click: File, Finalize

The system automatically assembles Non-IPE Service Worksheet information into the Service Summary List document. Once the document is assembled, the system displays a check in the checkbox next to the Document ID (SERVSUMM).

The Service Summary List document may be printed from this screen or from the SERVSUMM Screen, if the document is reviewed prior to printing. To print the Service Summary Worksheet:

Click: Printer icon, or

Click: Ctrl-P, or

Click: File, Print

The Print Selections screen displays.

The system defaults to print 2 copies of the document. If more or less copies are needed, change the number of copies.

To print document:

Click: Print All Button

Returned to the Document window.

Close Document window:

Click: X in upper right hand corner of window.

The finalized Non-IPE Service Worksheet displays in the Tree View.