Notice to Vendors on the Statewide Financial System (SFS)

As you know, in April 2012, New York State (NYS) will be implementing a new Statewide Financial System (SFS). The first stage of the SFS, the Central Vendor Registry File (Vendor File), was implemented in January 2011. The SFS Program is a New York State government initiative to replace its over 25-year-old Central Accounting System and several agency financial management systems with one integrated, statewide system.  The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), the State Division of the Budget (DOB), and the Office of the Chief Information Officer/Office for Technology (OCIO/OFT) – have worked together to develop components of a new system.

The SFS will provide both tangible and intangible benefits that will not only improve the efficiency and effectiveness of those financial audit and control processes managed by OSC, it will integrate with the agency financial management system component to streamline business processes throughout State government. Some of the benefits to the State and its constituents are:

  • Timely, dependable and transparent financial information;
  • Producing immediate and tangible benefits by making a fractured environment whole;
  • Dramatically improving the way New York State acquires goods and services; and
  • Facilitating information exchange with vendors and not-for-profit providers.

OSC’s Vendor Management Unit (VMU) has already communicated information to the vendor community.  Information regarding the Vendor File and the SFS is available to vendors on OSC’s website: The website includes a description of what the SFS Go-Live will mean to vendors, and important Go-Live dates and activities.

The changeover to SFS and the end of the state fiscal year will require a crossover period for processing financial transactions, including payments, from 3/15/12 - 3/31/12. NYS and SED are doing everything possible to mitigate interruptions; however, there will likely be disruptions in normal processing during the crossover and immediately following 4/1/12.  It may take until mid- April, 2012 for the conversion to be completed.

There are some identifiable disruptions.   The ACCES-VR Vendor Reporting / Payment system for each contract group will be affected as follows:

Program Report Due Date DO Voucher Entry By Payment Processed by Fiscal Mgt./Sent to OSC By
UCS 2/15/12 2/24/12 1st Week in March
Supported Employment 2/22/12 2/29/12 2nd Week in March
Interpreters 2/8/12 (Jan. Svc.),  services provided in 1st half of February might be picked up for payment if entered by DO by 2/20/12 2/20/12 Last Week in February
Psychologists 2/20/2012 for services in 1st half of February 2/29/12 Early March.  Payments for February services normally paid in late March will be delayed.

For all groups:

  • DOs will ensure that timely vouchers are given preference over late vouchers.
  • April payments (for February services) may be delayed.

Regular Case Services: (Non-contracted vendors) – Vendors generally voucher on completion of services.  As always, we encourage all providers to voucher for your services as soon as possible after those services are provided.  As a reminder, vendors are required to voucher for services within 60 days after those services are provided, as stated on the back of the AV.

There may be an additional impact that cannot be anticipated at this time, and we will do everything possible to mitigate the impact. We ask your patience as the changeover to a more efficient financial system takes place.

Vendors can access current SFS information, including Go-Live dates at the following OSC website: