Open Case

The Open Case function retrieves a case to the screen. Once the case is retrieved, contents of the case can be viewed and/or updated.

Note: A Case may also be opened from the result list received via the Activities/Contact Consumer Search, Case Load Listing/Identify View cases function or the Tickler listing.

To Open Case:

From CaMS Main Menu:

Click: Activities

Point: Case

Click: Open, or

Click: Open Case Icon on Tool Bar

Note: The Office field defaults to the office the user is logged on to; the Primary Administrator field defaults to the user name that was used to log onto the system. The Last Name, Social Security Number and Case ID fields are enabled - information may be entered in these fields. The cursor focus is on the Last Name field.

Enter: Last Name

Do not enter any blank spaces (space bar characters) in the Last Name field. The system will interpret the blank spaces as characters in the Last Name.


Enter: Social Security Number

This should narrow search to one individual since duplicate Social Security Numbers are not allowed on CaMS.


Enter: Case ID Number (10 digit number)

This will narrow search to one case since CaMS will not assign duplicate Case ID Numbers.

Note: When you type in the consumer's last name, the First Name, Middle Initial, Suffix and Date of Birth fields become enabled. If you enter the Social Security Number or Case ID Number, the Date of Birth field also becomes enabled. All or partial data may be entered on this screen. As stated above, entering only the Consumer's Social Security Number or Case ID, should result in the case being displayed on the screen.

Complete additional data, if appropriate.

Enter: First Name

Enter: Enter Suffix from drop down list

Enter: Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

Click: OK Button

The open case may be viewed and/or updated.