Personal Demographics Tab

Data items contained on the Personal Demographics Data Folder Tab follow:


Optional. From drop-down list, choose a prefix (title) for the individual's name.

Note: For correspondence (i.e. letters) purposes, important to enter this field. The selected entry will carry forward into letters, forms, as appropriate.

First Name

Required at Contact/Applicant (Status 02). If not entered from Create Contact or Create Case dialog box, enter. The name will be entered into documents (i.e. letters, forms) exactly as written - be sure to use capital and lower case letter appropriately.

Middle Initial

Optional. Enter middle initial without a period. Enter as a capital letter.

Last Name

Required at Contact/Applicant (Status 02). Automatically entered from the Create Contact or Create Case dialog box. The name will be entered into documents (i.e. letters, forms) exactly as written - be sure to use capital and lower case letter appropriately.


Optional. Click down arrowhead. From drop-down list, choose a suffix (title) for the individual’s name.

Social Security Number (SSN)

Enter the individual’s nine-digit Social Security number (SSN). When a SSN is not available or if the individual prefers not to provide his/her SSN, a unique nine-digit number will be assigned by Central Office.

Veteran Status

Required at Status 06 (Trial Work Experience/Extended Evaluation), Status 08 (Ineligibility only) and when finalizing any IPE. From drop-down list, select not a veteran; veteran; or vietnam era veteran to indicate if the individual had served in the active military, naval or air service, and was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable. If information is unavailable for reasons beyond agency's control, select not available from drop down list.

Note: If Veterans Status has not been recorded as Veteran or Vietnam Era Veteran and Veterans Benefits are recorded on Public Support Tab, system will present a Warning Message when a save is done on the data folder. When finalizing the Status 06 (Trial Work Experience/Extended Evaluation), Status 08 (Ineligibility) or IPE Original or Change, system will present an error.

Former Last Name

Optional. Enter a previous last name. (For instance, maiden name)

Date of Birth

Is now required in order to identify youth with disabilities and students with disabilities.

Marital Status

Optional. From drop down list, enter marital status.

Number of Dependents

Optional. Enter number of dependents.

Note: This is a two-digit field.

Do Not Destroy File

Optional. Check (Click) if the computer file should not be destroyed.


Options are Male, Female, Null. Defaults to Null meaning no entry was made. Via radio button, choose Male or Female. A selection of Male or Female is required at Status 06 (Trial Work Experience/Extended Evaluation) and/or Status 09 (Eligibility). If case is being closed into Status 08 (Intervening Reasons or Ineligibility) from Status 02 (Applicant) or Status 07 (Pending Eligibility), Null entry is acceptable.

Race and Ethnicity

Click appropriate check box(es), based on the individual's self identification or by observation methods, if the individual refuses to self-identify race and ethnicity. Required at Status 08 from Status 02/07, Status 06 and Status 09 (Eligibility).
Special Notes:

  • N/A (not available) can only be checked in the circumstance where the individual is in applicant status (Status 02/07) and has not been seen by a VR staff person. Therefore, CaMS will allow this option only if the case is being closed in Status 08 from Status 02/07.
  • If Hispanic or Latino is checked, another option must be checked, as well. The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) defines Hispanic or Latino as an ethnic category and requires that a race option be checked, in addition to the ethnic category.

Phone Numbers: Type

Optional, but must be entered if a phone number was entered.

From drop-down list, select the type of phone number you would like to document.

A phone number is required if a phone type is entered.

Multiple phone numbers can be entered. To enter another phone number:
Click: Edit, Insert or Click: Insert Icon or Press Insert key on keyboard.

Phone Numbers: Phone Number

Optional, but must be completed if a Phone Number: Type was entered. Enter phone number with area code: (000) 000-0000.

Phone Numbers: Extension

Optional. Enter phone number extension, if appropriate.

Phone Numbers: Primary

Optional. If there is more than one phone number, Click: Primary next to the number at which the individual is primarily available.