Referral Source/POI Tab

This Tab provides information about individuals or organizations who either referred the consumer to VR, or is considered a Party of Interest (POI). While the Referral Source Type is required at Closure, the other information can be extremely helpful in casework and counseling activities.

Referral Sources/POI’s can either be individuals who are somehow related to the consumer’s case, or organizations. Depending on whether you identify the source as an Individual or Organization, you will be asked to provide specific information. Information about individuals, including name, address and phone number, are entered into the appropriate fields. Organization information is entered via drop-down fields that contain information that has already been entered into CaMS as pick-lists.

When the information about a single source is completed, it can be entered into the individual’s file by clicking Apply. To enter another source, click New to clear the fields for information about a new Referral Source/POI. Multiple Parties of Interest can be entered in this way.

Data items contained on the Referral Source/POI Tab Data Folder Tab follow:

  • Referral Source Type
  • Individual (Radio Button)
  • Organization (Radio Button)
  • Organization: Type (Optional – select choice to filter the Organization Name drop down)
  • Organization
  • Organization: More Info button
  • Organization: Primary Phone
  • Organization: Contact Person
  • Organization: Contact Person Phone
  • Individual/Organization Relationship to Consumer
  • Individual: Name
  • Individual: Address
  • Individual: City
  • Individual: State
  • Individual: Zip
  • Individual: Zip + 4 (Optional)
  • Individual: Phone
  • Individual: Extension (Optional)
  • Referral Source
  • Power of Attorney
  • Default CC on Correspondence