Service Summary Worksheet

The Service Summary Worksheet is automatically assembled when the Non-IPE Service Worksheet, IPE Original and/or IPE Change is finalized. All authorized services will print on the Service Summary Worksheet.

Note the following formatting considerations:

  • More than 1 page may print based on the Rel/Fin (Release to Finance) Date recorded for each line of Service. The system inserts an automatic page break for each Rel/Fin Date.
  • If services have the same Rel/Fin Date and are authorized to the same provider, they are grouped together and listed under the Provider name and Vendor Code.
  • If service lines have the same Rel/Fin Date and are authorized to different providers, they are grouped together and displayed under the appropriate Provider Name and Vendor Code. Two blank lines separate each Provider section.

The following information displays at the top of each Service Summary Worksheet page:

  • Consumer Name
  • Consumer ID (a.k.a. CaMS Case ID)
  • Mainframe ID
  • Worksheet Date
  • Case Status
  • Primary Administrator

In addition to the Release Date (Release to Finance Date), the Service Summary Worksheet contains the following information:

  • Provider of Service
  • Service Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Status of Service Line
  • Cancel Date
  • Quantity/Unit
  • VR Cost
  • Auth #

All information, except Auth # is merged from the CaMS database. The Auth # is generated on the Bridge/Mainframe system and prints on the service authorization; it can be handwritten onto the Service Summary Worksheet.

The Service Summary Worksheet is stored as a reprint document; a copy may be printed from the Reprint folder.

Click: Printer Icon, or

Press: Ctrl-P, or

Click: File, Print

Print Selections screen displays.

The system defaults to print 2 copies of the document. If more or less copies are needed, change the number of copies.

To print document:

Click: Print All Button

You will be returned to the Documents window.

Close Documents window:

Click: X in upper right hand corner of window.