Status History Tab

The Status History records each status change during the life of the case. The information is for display only and cannot be updated. The information is sorted by the Status.

For each status, information includes:

Status Code

The Status Code is the numerical number assigned to a specific status. For instance, the Status Code for Plan Development is 10.

Status Effective Date

The Status Effective Date is the actual date that the individual entered the status. This date may be on or before the Status Date Created.

Status Author

The Status Author is the user responsible for the identified status change.


Required at Contact/Application.

The Office/Satellite is the District Office or District Office Satellite to which the case is assigned.

Revert Flag

The Revert Flag identifies a closure that was cancelled - reverting the closure to the Status that came immediately prior to the closure. For instance, an 08 Closure might be reverted to Status 02, if that’s the Status it was closed from.

Status Date Created

The Status Date Created is the date that the Status Change was entered. This date must be on or after the Status Effective Date.

Operational Team

An operational team is comprised of VR employees who have been assigned to a specific District Office function, i.e. Intake Team, Eligibility Team, Placement Team.

Supervisory Team

A supervisory team is comprised of a supervisor and the employees that report to that supervisor. All VR Counseling Staff employees that are users of CaMS must be assigned to a Supervisory Team; those employees may be assigned to multiple supervisory teams.

Status Effective End Date

The Status Effective End Date is the date that the individual enters a new status. The Status Effective End Date should be the same as the Effective Date of the following Status in the Status History.