Template: About Templates


A Template stores information that can be applied to an IPE Original, IPE Changes, and/or Non-IPE Service Worksheet when they are being created. Storing information as a template may help organize information for easy access, reduce keystrokes when an IPE Original, IPE Change and/or Non-IPE Service Worksheet is being created and reduce the possibility for errors.

The major functions associated with Templates: Creating a Template, Searching for a Template from outside a case, Searching/Applying a Template within a Case, Viewing a Template and Deleting a Template.

Creating a Template

There are three ways to create a Template:

From the Main Menu, Create a Template. The Create Template function allows a template to be created on a blank Template Form. Information must be entered or selected from drop down lists.

From the Case Process Menu, Save As Template Function. This function saves information on an IPE Original, IPE Change or Non-IPE Service Worksheet as a Template. The Save as Template Function may be completed on a draft or finalized IPE Original, IPE Change or Non-IPE Service Worksheet.

From the Main Menu, Save as New Template Function. This function creates a template from a previously stored template that is displayed.

Searching for a Template from outside of a Case

You can search for a template outside of a case via Activities located on the Main Menu.

Searching and Applying a Template

If a Template Search is completed from within a Case, the template may be applied to a Non-IPE Service Worksheet, IPE Original and/or IPE Change.

View a Template

A template may be viewed from the Identify/View Template window.

Delete a Template

A template may be deleted from the system, if the Template Search was completed from outside of a case.