Template: Create from Main Menu

Create a Template from Main Menu

Click: Activities

Point: Templates

Click: Create Template

The Create Template window displays.

The window is comprised of the following four Tabs:

Extended SE (disabled unless SE Goal checkbox is checked)

Defaults to Main Tab.

Note: Tab screens are similar to IPE Original/IPE Change Tabs since template information is to be applied to IPE Original, IPE Change and Non-IPE Service Worksheets.

Main Tab

The Main Tab is comprised of the following information; complete information, as appropriate:

Template Type: Required. Select Template Type from drop-down list.
Template Name: Required. Enter Template Name. Note: Statewide Template Type must follow naming convention: <DO> <Service Type> <Vendor Name> <Year> <Description>, i.e., alb coll suny/Albany 2010/11 tuition.
SOC Code Enter SOC Code or choose from SOC list, if applicable.
Employment Goal Enter Employment Goal, if applicable. If SOC Code is entered, SOC Title will display as the Employment Goal description and can be edited.
Employment Goal Date Enter as an eight-digit number: xx/xx/xxxx, if applicable.
SE Goal Checkbox Check checkbox, if goal is a supported employment goal.
Annual Review Date Enter as an eight-digit number: xx/xx/xxxx, if applicable.
Projected Job Ready Date Enter as an eight-digit number:xx/xx/xxxx, if applicable.
Case is Job Ready Defaults to Null (no entry). Click: Yes or No, if applicable.
Service Options Click on appropriate service checkbox(s), if applicable.

Service Tab

If service information is to be stored on the Template, access the Services Tab:

Click: Services

The Service Tab is comprised of three Vertical Tabs:

Service Line
Mail To

The Mail To Tab displays as disabled unless Other is selected.

Service Line Tab

Single or multiple lines of service may be stored in the Template. If storing service line information, all information on the service line or partial information may be stored. For example, the Service Provider and Case Service Description may be stored on the Service Line while other information is left blank. The basic "rule of thumb" is to store service line information that is consistent across multiple IPE's and Non-IPE Service Worksheets. The following information is contained on the Service Line Tab.

Authorization Type Select from drop-down list, if applicable.
Service Provider Select via Vendor/Service Search or via drop-down list, if applicable.
Vendor Number Enter six-digit number, if applicable.
Case Service Description Select from drop-down list or via Vendor/Service Search, if applicable.
Description Enter, if applicable. Defaults to Case Service Description, if selected; may be modified to make more precise.
Start Date Enter as an eight-digit number: xx/xx/xxxx, if applicable.
End Date Enter as an eight-digit number: xx/xx/xxxx, if applicable.
Quantity Enter numeric value, if applicable.
Unit Select from drop-down list, if applicable.
Unit Price Enter amount, if applicable. Do not include $ symbol.
Total Cost For display only. If Quantity and Unit Price are entered, system automatically calculates Total Cost.
Comp Benefits Enter amount, if applicable. Do not include $ symbol.
Consumer Responsibility Enter amount, if applicable. Do not include $ symbol.
VR Cost Enter amount, if applicable. If "No Cost" or "School No Cost" was selected as the Auth Type, system will enter $0.00 and disable VR Cost field.
Mail To Defaults to Vendor. Click Consumer, Other Radio Button, if appropriate.
Authorization Category Becomes enabled, if Authorization Type is M & T Section from drop down list, if applicable.
Vouchers Defaults to 1. Enter number of vouchers, if applicable.
Timesheets Enter number of timesheets, if applicable.
Additional Instructions Enter additional instructions to the vendor. Up to 548 characters are allowed.

After service line information has been completed:

Click: Apply Button

Service line information has been completed:

Click: New Button

The following information, if entered on the previous service line displays on the new service line:

Service Provider
Vendor Number
Start Date
End Date

The information may be changed on the new service line. Continue the process until all service information has been applied.

To view the Summary Tab:

Click: Summary Tab

The Summary Tab displays.

The Summary Tab provides a one-line summary for each service line that was applied. The one-line summary includes the Provider of Service, the Service Description, Start Date of Service, End Date of Service, Release Status, Release Date, CaMS Cancel Date and VR cost, if entered. To view information that displays off the screen, use the vertical scroll bar located at the bottom of the screen.

To return to the Services Line Tab

Click: Service Line Tab, or

Double Click on line of service contained in summary list. This will return you to the service line and all service line information will display.

Mail To Tab

The vertical Mail To Tab becomes enabled if on the Service Tab, Other is checked as the Mail To address for the service authorization.

To access the Mail To Tab:

Click: Other in the Mail To choices; this will enable the Mail To Tab

Click: Mail To Tab

The Mail To Tab displays. Enter the following information:

Address Line 1
Address Line 2 (if needed)
Address Line 3 (if needed)
City, State, Zip

Click: Apply Button

The Mail To address for the authorization is stored and will print on the Authorization.

Criteria Tab

The Criteria Tab allows you to add criteria statements to store on the Template. To access the Criteria Tab:

Click: Criteria Tab

Criteria screen displays.

On the top half of the window, multiple criteria statements display, separated by dotted lines. Use the vertical scroll bar (right hand side of screen) to view all criteria statements listed.

The first 3 criteria statements Add New Criteria 1; Add New Criteria 2; and/or Add New Criteria 3 should be selected if you want to free text a criteria statement(s). Also, remember, standard criteria statements may be edited.

To select a statement(s):

Click: On Statement(s) (Statements become highlighted as you select them.)

Click: Add Button, or

Drag highlighted Statement(s) to the bottom part of the screen.

Statement(s) display on the bottom half of the screen in the order they were selected. Continue adding statements, as appropriate. If additional statements are added, they will display at the bottom of the list, in the order selected.

A Due Date may be entered in the Due Date column located to the right of the statement. If a tickler should be created from the Criteria:

Click: Create Tickler checkbox to the right of the Due Date

To free text a criteria statement, Double Click on the Add New Criteria statement(s) that displays on the bottom half of the screen.

The Edit Criteria window displays.

Free text criteria statement.

Enter Due Date and check Create Tickler checkbox, if appropriate.

Click: OK

Other Command Buttons

Click: Cancel to exit window

Click: Help to access Help Topic

Extended SE Tab

The Extended SE Tab will become enabled, if the SE Goal Checkbox, located on Main Tab, is checked. To access the Extended SE Tab:

Click: Extended SE Tab

Three fields display on the Extended SE Tab:

Service Provider
Funding Source
Other Funding Source (becomes enabled if "Other" is selected as the Funding Source)

Enter: Information, as applicable.

Save Template

After information has been entered, the Template may be saved. To save a template:

Click: Save icon, or

Click: File/Save

The template is saved and the Template Name displays in the Title Bar.

Close Template Window

Click: X in upper right hand corner

Other Command Buttons

Click: Cancel Button to return to previous screen

Click: Help Button to access Help Topic