Template: Delete Template

Templates may be deleted from the system if the user is assigned the appropriate CaMS role. For example, all CaMS users can delete templates assigned to User (Template Type), but may not be able to delete a Statewide or District Office Template Type, depending on the user’s CaMS security role. Those users that are assigned the role for creating templates designated as Statewide and District Office can delete those templates from the system.

Templates can only be deleted from the Identify/View Template List when it is accessed outside of a case.

To delete a template:

Click: Activities

Point: Templates

Click: Search Template

Enter information on Search Templates window, as appropriate.

Click: OK

Templates must be deleted one at a time. The identify/View Templates List displays. Select (highlight) the template that is to be deleted.

Click: Delete Icon located on Tool Bar

Warning Message Displays: Are you sure you want to delete this template?

Click: Yes

Template is deleted from the list.