Ticklers are reminders - they are CaMS' way of providing caseload management opportunities by identifying when certain information needs to be entered or actions performed.

Ticklers are generated automatically by CaMS based on documentation or other casework requirements or are user generated.

For instance, many Ticklers will appear based on the amount of time an individual is in a status without apparent activity (for instance: "180 days w/o services. The case is in status 18 (Training). It has been 180 days since the end date of the last service. Assess the training services.”)

Other Ticklers are there to remind the user about the length of time a consumer has been in a time-limited status (for instance: "In 07 for 60 days. The case has been in status 07 (Pending Eligibility) for 60 days. An eligibility determination must be made. Review progress and move into status 06 (Trial Work/Extended Evaluation), 08 (Closed from Referral) or 09 (Eligibility), as appropriate.”)

Still others are based on information in an IPE (for instance: "IPE Goal 30 days away. The consumer is expected to reach the IPE Work Goal in 30 days and the case is in 12, 14, 16, 18 or 20. Assess progress. Revise expected completion date, if appropriate.").

A Tickler is also generated when a case is transferred from one office to another.

A user can also generate a Tickler. It can be written for an individual consumer (for instance, to remind the user of an appointment).

Ticklers can be read within a case (for Ticklers on that case, only) or outside a case (for all Ticklers in an identified caseload, team or District Office).

Accessing Ticklers Within a Case

This method will show Ticklers for a selected case.

With a case open on the screen:

Click: Ticklers (at the bottom of the Tree View)

Any Ticklers for that individual will appear on the Main Screen with information in the following columns:


This is the Tickler description. As you can see in the example above, the description may be much longer than what is viewed on the screen.

Action Needed

These are the suggested "next steps."

Due Date

This is the date by which you are expected to complete the Action Needed.

Send Date

This is the date that the tickler will appear in the tickler listing.

Command Buttons

Click: Save if changes are made


Click: Cancel to discard changes

Both actions remove the View box from the screen.

Click: Help Button to access Help Topic.

Opening a Tickler

Click: Double Click on any field and that tickler will be opened to the screen


Click: Right click on the tickler row that you want to open to the screen.

Click: Open Tickler

The View Tickler screen appears with the appropriate information from the row displayed.

Exit Tickler List inside a Case

To exit the Tickler list, navigate to another section of the case folder via the Tree View or select a command from Case Process in the Menu Bar.

Caution: If you click the Close button (X), you will exit the case.

Accessing Ticklers Outside a Case

This method will allow you to access Ticklers for identified caseloads, teams or the current District Office (including Satellites).

Whether or not a case is on the screen, you can open a Tickler Listing dialog box: the search will not be related to any specific case.

In the Menu Bar, Click: Tickler (or Alt-T)

Click: Tickler Listing (or L)

The Review/Update Ticklers dialog box will appear, defaulting to the Ticklers if a Primary Administrator signed onto CaMS; otherwise the User field will be blank.

Search options include:

Select User, Team or Current Office

By clicking the appropriate radio button, indicate whether you are looking Ticklers for an individual User (Primary Administrator), Team or Current Office (including Satellites). The default is User.


If you select User Radio Button, you can choose any Primary Administrator in your office from the drop-down. This will display Ticklers for every consumer in the selected caseload. The default is the User Radio Button. If a Primary Administrator is signed onto CaMS, their ticklers will display; otherwise the User field will be blank and the Primary Administrator can be chosen from the drop-down.


If you select the Team Radio Button, you can choose any Team from the drop-down. This will show Ticklers for every consumer in the selected Team.

Current Office (incl satellites)

If you select the Current Office (incl satellites) Radio Button, the tickler listing returned will display all ticklers in the District Office you are signed into.

Action (optional)

Choose a standard Action from the drop-down or enter a user-specific Action.

Rule (optional)

Action is the default search. To change:

Click: Radio Button to the left of Rule

Select from drop-down or type the Rule number to filter the list to the desired number.

Date Options

Due Dates default to All Due Dates. To change:

Click: Radio Button next to Selected Due Dates

If “Selected Due Dates” is chosen, the dates must be entered in the “dates between” fields.

Date Sort Order defaults to descending. To change:

Click: radio button next to ascending

Click: checkbox next to Show Future Send Dates, if ticklers with send dates in the future should be displayed.

If any changes are made to the defaults, a button will display that a Refresh is needed. The user must click that Refresh Needed button or the Refresh button (flicking fingers) in the Tool Bar before continuing. (Alternately, the user can Refresh by clicking Edit, Refresh.) No matter what is changed in the Review/Update Ticklers dialog box, no changes will be seen until the dialog box is refreshed with the new information.

Once the dialog box is refreshed, the list of Ticklers will change, based on the search options.

Ticklers will be arranged in columns similar to the ones being generated within a case. The only difference is that this list will include the Consumer's Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial and Case ID; remember, this list includes multiple consumers rather than just one.

Opening a Case from a Tickler List

If you need to review the case, you can open the case:

Double Click on the Consumer’s Name or Case ID that you wish to open


Click: Right Click on row you wish to open

Click: Open Case

(Please be careful that you do not Double Click on any other cells. As noted above, Double Clicking on those cells will display the full text in that cell.)

Opening a Tickler from the Tickler List

Click: Right click on the tickler row that you want to open to the screen

Click: Open Tickler


Click: Double click on the any cell, other than Consumer Name or Case ID.

The View Tickler screen appears with the appropriate information from the row displayed.

Closing a Case Entered through the Tickler List

The Tickler list will remain beneath the case on the screen; if you close the case, you will return to the Tickler List.

To exit the Tickler List:

Click the Close (X) button.

Creating a Tickler for a Case

Ticklers can only be created from inside a case.

Click: Tickler in the Menu Bar (or Alt-T)

Click: New (or Alt-N)

The Create Tickler screen will reflect the Case ID.

Fields that must be completed include:

Action Needed

You can choose an action from the drop-down, or enter an individualized action that is needed (for instance, "Call Frank to remind him to meet me at Central High School.").


Enter information regarding the Action Needed (for example, "Meeting with Frank and his parents at Central High School on October 5.").

Send Date

This is the date that the Tickler will appear in the Tickler Listing. In general, you would not want to enter a date too far in advance of the Due Date - there is the possibility that the longer it sits in the Tickler Listing, the more likely it is to be ignored. The Send Date must be on or before the Due Date, but cannot be earlier than the current date.

Due Date

This is the date that the Action Needed should be completed (for instance, 10/04/2010 would indicate that the phone call should be made at least by the day before the meeting). The date cannot be earlier than the current date or earlier than the Send Date.

When the Tickler is complete, Click: Save

That action will also close the Create Tickler dialog box.

Note: This Tickler can be read within the individual's case (see Reading Ticklers within a Case), or can show up on a Search outside of a case (see Reading Ticklers outside a Case.)

Other Command Buttons

Click: Cancel to close the Create Tickler dialog box. The Tickler will not be created.

Click: Help Button to access Help Topic

Deleting a Tickler

In general, users can delete ticklers or they will automatically delete after an action is taken in a case. Only when a tickler states that the user may delete it, they will be able to. Some system generated ticklers do not allow deletion and display a warning message, “This tickler cannot be deleted. It was created by the CaMS system.”

Click to Highlight the Tickler to be deleted

Click: Eraser Icon (or Press Ctrl-D or Click Edit, Delete or Right Click, Click Delete)

Receive prompt, “Are you sure you want to delete the selected tickler?”

Click: Yes to delete it


Click: No to return to the tickler list

Editing a Tickler

Only user-created ticklers can be edited. If a tickler is system generated, it will display a message, “This is system generated tickler and cannot be edited.”

If a tickler can be edited:

Click: Double click on the any column except Consumer Name or Case ID or right click on the row and click Open Tickler (this works either inside or outside of a case)

Make the changes desired

Click: Save

The Tickler Listing will automatically refresh.

A Tickler cannot be edited from the Tickler Listing if the case is open to the screen in another window. A message will be displayed, “This Tickler cannot be edited because the case is open. Close the case or edit from within the case.”

Creating Multiple Ticklers

To create the same user-created tickler on multiple cases:

Open a Case Load Listing or Document Request list to the screen; highlight the cases that the tickler is desired to be created in

Click: Tickler in the Menu Bar (or Alt-T)

Click: Create Multiple (or Alt-M)

A window will display with the title, “Create Multiple Ticklers - # Cases”, where the # is replaced by the number of cases highlighted before invoking the Create Multiple process.

Create the tickler, following the same rules as a single, user-created tickler.

Click: Save when done

The tickler will be created in all the cases highlighted.

Printing Ticklers

To print a tickler listing:

Click: Tickler on the main menu

Click: Print Ticklers

A Print Selections screen appears.

The Report Description is completed with the search criteria of the ticklers requested. This Description can be edited. There is a 130 character limit on this field.

“Copies” is set to 1. This number can be changed to allow multiple copies.

Number of Ticklers Printed

The default is set to print the entire list; therefore, “Which”, is set to All (#), where # is replaced with the number of all the ticklers on the list.

In order to print only selected cases, highlight the cases before invoking the Print Ticklers process, then:

Click: Selected (#)

Where # is replaced with the number of cases highlighted in the Tickler Listing

Please note: The Selected (#) radio button will be disabled if no cases are highlighted and the number is displayed as 0 (zero).

Amount of Text Printed

The default is set to print the full text of each tickler; therefore, “Info” is set to Full Info.

In order to print one line of each tickler, including only the first line of the Info text in the actual ticklers, set “Info” to One Line:

Click: One Line

To Print

When the Print screen is set as desired:

Click: Print

Document prints without further intervention

If no print is desired:

Click: Cancel to exit the screen and return to the Listing.