View Closure Tab

Once a closure is finalized, the Closure data is displayed on the View Closure tab. If there has been more than one closure for the individual, information for each closure will appear on a separate vertical tab.

Data items contained on the View Closure Data Folder Tab follow:

View Closure: Vertical Tab

The vertical tabs identify the status and date of the previous closure. If there has been more than one closure for that individual, there will be a separate vertical tab for each closure - each identifying the closure status and date.

Closure Type

Identifies the type of closure.

Reason for Closure

Required at Closure Statuses 08, 30, 28 and 38.

Displays Closure Reason at time of closure.

Work Status at Closure

Displays Employment status at time of Status 26 or 34 closure:

Note: If Work Status at Closure is Homemaker, Employer Information is not displayed for Status 26 Closure.

Weekly Earnings at Closure

Displays the amount of money (to the nearest dollar) earned by the individual in a typical week after achieving an employment outcome at the time of the Status 26 or 34 closure.

Primary Source of Support at Closure

Required at Closure Status 08 from 06; 28, 30, 26.

Displays the individual's largest single source of economic support at case closure, even if it accounts for less than one-half of the individual's total support.

Note: If a person is supported by the earnings of a spouse, or by the spouse's unemployment insurance checks, select family and friends as Primary Source of Support.

Highest Education at Closure

Required at Status 26, Status 08 from Status 06, Status 28, Status 30, and Status 34.

Displays Highest Level of Education at Closure.

Competitive Employment

Displays Yes if the person is in competitive employment; No if the person is not in competitive employment at time of Status 26 or 34 closure.

SOC Code

SOC on Closure Tab
Displays a six-digit code to describe the individual's occupation when the case was closed into Status 26 only.

Medical Insurance

Required at Status 08 (Ineligibility or Intervening Reasons) from Status 06; Status 26 (Rehabilitated), Status 28 (Closed after Plan Initiated); Status 30 (Closed before Plan Initiated), Status 34 (Suitable Employment Maintained).

Displays type(s) of medical insurance coverage that individual had at time of closure.

Placement Agency Type

Displays placement agency type at time of Status 26 or 34 closure.

Employer Name

Displays employer name at time of Status 26 or 34 closure.

Employer Address

Displays employer address at time of Status 26 or 34 closure.

SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)

Displays the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code at time of Status 26 or Status 34 closure.