May 18, 2012 - Notice to Vendors about Contract Payment Details

With the implementation of the new State Financial System, the amount of detail available for contract payments was greatly reduced. For each contract payment, OSC only has a single total which represents services provided to many ACCES-VR consumers for a specific contract number. We are aware of the difficulty that this is causing vendors when they try to reconcile the check to the consumers served. ACCES-VR will be releasing a web-based check inquiry screen in the very near future which will provide information similar to what was available prior to April 1, 2012. In the interim, vendors should cash their checks and contact one of the ACCES-VR district offices listed on your remittance stub. The office now has the ability to send you the check details until the web-based check inquiry is available.

Please note that if the check contains more than 25 combined payments then the remittance stub directs you to the SFS website where you need to log onto your account to find the check stub details. In addition, OSC is aggressively combining payments so now contract and non-contract payments and payments from other agencies may be in one payment. ACCES can only provide you with assistance for payments to ACCES-VR consumers.