Case Assignment Tab

Data items contained on the Case Assignment Data Folder Tab follow:


Required at Contact/Application.

The Office/Satellite is the District Office or District Office Satellite to which the case is assigned.

Office/Satellites included are:

Central Office
Albany D.O.
Southern Tier D.O.
Elmira Satellite
Buffalo D.O.
Syracuse D.O.
Malone D.O.
Utica D.O.
Gloversville Satellite
Mid-Hudson D.O.
Kingston Satellite
Middletown Satellite
Rochester D.O.
Geneva Satellite
Geneseo Satellite
Bronx D.O.
Queens D.O.
Brooklyn D.O.
Hauppauge D.O.
Riverhead Satellite
Garden City D.O.
White Plains D.O.
Rockland Satellite
Manhattan D.O.
Harlem Satellite
Staten Island Satellite

Primary Administrator

The Primary Administrator is the person in the District Office officially assigned to the case.

Note: This data field is required when a case/contact record is created.

If the case is managed by a team (for instance, an Eligibility Team), the case must be assigned to an individual on the team for accountability purposes (authorizations, etc.).

Supervisory Team

A supervisory team is comprised of a supervisor and the employees that report to that supervisor. All VR counseling staff employees that are users of CaMS must be assigned to a Supervisory Team; these employees may be assigned to multiple supervisory teams.

Operational Team

An operational team is comprised of VR employees who have been assigned to a specific District Office function, i.e. Intake Team, Eligibility Team, Placement Team.

Special Programs

There are a number of special programs that may be associated with or apply to the individual. These must be recorded in CaMS, if applicable, for reference in planning and placement.

To select an appropriate Special Program:

Click to highlight one or more of the Available Special Programs. Note the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to see more items.

Click: Add button. The identified Programs will be moved to Selected Special Programs. These are the Programs identified as specific to the individual.

To remove a Selected Special Program (and return it to the Available Special Programs):
Click to highlight one or more of Selected Special Programs that need to be removed. Note the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to see more items.

Click: Remove button. The identified considerations will be removed to the Available Special Programs

Special Programs are listed in VR Data Definitions document.

Case Transfer History

A case can be transferred many times during the life of the case. The Case Transfer History provides a record of both inter- and intra-office transfers. These fields are read only. The information will be placed across the displayed row in the order listed and will be sorted by Transfer Date.

Information includes:

Date: Date transferred
Status: The status code that was in effect at the time of the transfer (Transfer Date).
Transferred From: User: The person assigned to the case at the time of the transfer (the person the case was transferred from).
Office: The name of the Office/Satellite that the case was transferred from if the case was transferred between offices.