Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation

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Buffalo District Office
508 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14202

Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

  • General Information Phone: 1-888-652-7062
  • Fax: 716-848-8103
  • TTY: 716-848-8105

Please use the following address to send an email message to anyone at the Buffalo District Office.  If you would like it directed to a specific person, please put their name in the "Subject".

Please only call a person's direct number if you need to speak to that specific individual. Our information line 1-888-652-7062 will assist in answering questions or directing your call.

Contact List
Name / Email Title Phone
Ackerson,_Amanda VR Counselor 716-848-8072
Briggs,_Christine VR Counselor Assistant 716-848-8094
Brooks,_Barbara VR Counselor 716-848-8057
Conniff,_Nancy VR Counselor 716-848-8090
DeLuca,_Natalie VR Counselor Assistant 716-848-8074
Goeckel,_Ida VR Counselor 716-848-8080
Grace,_Katherine Senior VR Counselor 716-848-8095
Guest-Bergum,_Bethanne Senior VR Counselor 716-848-8082
Gugino,_Denise VR Counselor Assistant 716-848-8091
Halladay,_Maryanne VR Counselor Assistant 716-848-8098
Harrington,_Linda VR Counselor 716-848-8072
Hesch,_Linda VR Counselor 716-848-8066
Howard,_Brigid VR Counselor 716-848-8076
Jackson,_Melissa VR Counselor 716-848-8085
Knowle,_Paula VR Counselor 716-848-8099
Lipka,_Deborah VR Counselor 716-848-8056
Locke,_Eric VR Counselor 716-848-8087
Luly,_Christine District Office Manager 716-848-8012
MacWhinnie,_Gena Secretary 1 716-848-4866
Majchrzak,_Deborah Business Office Manager 716-848-8060
Malzan,_Cindy VR Counselor 716-848-8048
Marche,_Bryan VR Counselor Assistant 716-848-8047
Marks,_Charmaine VR Counselor 716-848-8100
Martin,_Marlene VR Counselor 716-848-8054
Martinez,_Dennis Integrated Employment Specialist 2 716-848-8015
Mathieson,_Kelley Senior VR Counselor 716-848-8070
McGrath,_June VR Counselor Assistant 716-848-8097
Moss-King,_Davina VR Counselor 716-848-8081
Murphy,_Noreen Director of Counseling 716-848-8013
Nannen,_Judith VR Counselor 716-848-8064
Nightengale,_Peter VR Counselor 716-848-8101
Olewniczak,_William VR Counselor 716-848-8065
Pacitti,_Candace VR Counselor 716-848-8093
Patrick Oakley,_Maria VR Counselor 716-848-8078
Pautler,_Jolene Information Technology Specialist 716-848-8019
Porreca,_Carolyn VR Counselor 716-848-8088
Roehn,_Suzanne VR Counselor 716-848-8052
Ruska,_Arthur Senior VR Counselor 716-848-8084
Ruska,_Phillip VR Counselor 716-848-8067
Shaw,_Stephanie VR Counselor 716-848-8092
Staffield,_Jillian VR Counselor 716-848-8045
Stanley,_Lynn VR Counselor 716-848-8050
Szymula,_Amy VR Counselor 716-848-8068
Torres-Bursie,_Carmen VR Counselor 716-848-8046
Trzcinski,_Mary Integrated Employment Specialist 1 716-848-8071
Uminski,_Maryjane VR Counselor 716-848-8053
Vollmer,_Eugene VR Counselor 716-848-8077
Wolf,_Sarah Senior VR Counselor Transition and Youth Services 716-848-8016
Yuscinsky,_Rheannon VR Counselor 716-848-8096

Employers wishing to list job openings with the Buffalo District Office, contact Dennis Martinez at 716-848-8071, 1-888-652-7062 (Toll Free), or 716-848-8103 (Fax), or email to

Last Updated: June 10, 2015