Core Rehabilitation Services

Core Rehabilitation Services (CRS) are a combination of Unified Services (formerly Unified Services Contract) and Supported Employment services, which includes: orientation, assessment, work readiness, job placement, services to youth, supported employment intensive and extended, assistive technology/rehabilitation technology, driver rehabilitation and adjunct services.

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CRS Contract Start Date

2017 Core Rehabilitation Services Rates

Contract Claim Submission Deadlines for the 2017 Contract Year

Reference Material

CRS Vendor Training - December 18, 2013

Provider Training - December 2013

Step by Step Instructions for Submitting Forms Using WinZip (version 16.5) (version 20)

Provider Training Question and Answers 

2013 Core Rehabilitation Services Program Guide 

CRS Report Forms

CRS Method of Award 

Supported Employment Guidelines 2014

Implementation of Core Rehabilitation Services Contracts

Bidder's Conference Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers from the CRS Pre-Bidder's Information Sessions

CRS Questions from ACCES-VR Staff

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