Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation

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May 18, 2012 - Notice to Vendors about Contract Payment Details
Updated Notice to Vendors on the new Statewide Financial System (SFS)
Notice to Vendors on the new Statewide Financial System (SFS)

  • Core Rehabilitation Services (CRS) are a combination of Unified Services (formerly Unified Services Contract) and Supported Employment services, which includes: orientation, assessment, work readiness, job placement, services to youth, supported employment intensive and extended, assistive technology/rehabilitation technology, driver rehabilitation and adjunct services.
  • Supported Employment is paid competitive employment in an integrated setting with ongoing support for individuals with the most severe disabilities (i.e., psychiatric, mental retardation, significant learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, deafness and blindness, extreme mobility impairments, and other most severe disabilities) for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred, and who, because of the nature and severity of their disability, need on-going support services in order to obtain, perform, and retain their job.  Supported Employment provides assistance such as job coaching and job placement, assistance in interacting with employers, on-site assistive technology training, specialized job training, and individually tailored supervision.
  • Unified Contract Services are community based evaluation, training and placement services. These services are provided to ACCES-VR consumers.
  • Interpreter Service
  • Information regarding SFS payments is available. This report will list detailed check information.

CaMS via Citrix

This link will take you to the Citrix website. Once you are signed into Citrix, you can sign into ACCES-VR's Case Management System (CaMS) with your CaMS account. If you are a UCS vendor and you do not have a Citrix and CaMS account, please work with your local district office to obtain permission to have both accounts established. If you have a Citrix and CaMS account, but you are encountering problems, please email VR CAMS Helpdesk for assistance.

In order to use Citrix, you must first load the MetaFrame Presentation Server Client (ActiveX) onto your machine. Instructions are available from your local District Office.


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