Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation Policies and Procedures

"No Related Procedure" means that this policy has no corresponding procedure or the procedural steps are already incorporated into the policy. Some memos are listed below with the policy. There also is a chronological list of all memos that may contain information relevant to the policy or procedure.

VR Policies, Procedures and Related Memos
Policy Name Related Procedure Related Information
Series 000 - Vocational Rehabilitation
010.00 Employment Outcome 010.00P  
Series 100 - Consumer/Counselor Relationships
100.00 Consumer Involvement 100.00P  
102.00 Confidentiality 102.00P  
105.00 Due Process

105.00P Scheduling Chart
Scheduling Process
Review Form Word Document (45KB, 1pg)
Series 200 - Process
200.00 Referral and Applying for Services 200.00P  
202.00 Eligibility for Services 202.00P

Memo 2002 Eligibility
Memo 2004 SSI SSDI
POL-09-01 Word Document (84KB, 3pg)

204.00 Assessment No Related Procedure POL-10-02 Word Document (69KB, 1pg)
205.00 Significance of Disability 205.00P Significantly Disabled
Referral Form Word Document (1.11MB, 2pg)
206.00 Individualized Plan for Employment
Reference Publications:
Developing Your Individualized Plan for Employment
A Guide for Developing Your Individualized Plan for Employment
No Related Procedure DOT Codes
Q/A from IPE
208.00 Comparable Benefits and Services 208.00P  
210.00 Serving Individuals Who Are SSDI/SSI Participants 210.00P POL-11-01 Word Document (70KB, 2pg)
Ticket to Work Fact Sheet Word Document (140KB, 4pg)
250.00 Order of Selection 250.00P  
Series 400-500 - Services
405.00 College and University Training Policy and Procedure No Related Procedure

College Fact Sheet (VR-844) Word Document (71KB, 3pg)
Edinboro University

410.00 Non-Degree Training at Trade, Business and Other Schools 410.00P POL-09-04 (9/09) Word Document (38KB, 3pg)
POL-09-05 Word Document (56KB, 4pg)
421.00 Youth in School — Transition Planning and Services No Related Procedure PRO-10-01Word Document (78KB, 7pg)
SEA AgreementWord Document (256KB, 4pg)
430.00 Out-of-State Services No Related Procedure  
435.00 Post-Employment Services (PES) 435.00P  
440.00 Driver Evaluation and Training 440.00P  
441.00 Vehicle Modifications, Adaptive and Automotive Equipment pdf file(42KB, 5pg) 441.00P pdf file (62KB, 10pg)

Fact Sheet pdf file (27KB, 1pg)
FIS 07-01 pdf file (124KB, 8pg)
Standards for Auto Adaptive Equipment
Standards for Driver Rehabilitation

Series 1000+ - Other Policies
1125.00 Financial Need Review Policy Financial Need Review Procedure Word Document (89KB, 13pg) Financial Need Desk Reference Word Document (205KB, 13pg)
POL-14-10 Word Document (55KB, 1pg)
VES-311 Income Calculation Word Document (761KB, 1pg)
1282.00 Neuropsychological Evaluations No Related Procedure  
1301.00 Self-Employment No Related Procedure  
1310.00 Supported Employment See Policy

POL-12-01 Word Document (46KB, 2pg)
2012 Guidelines Word Document (77KB, 25pg)

1320.00 Cognitive Remediation Services No Related Procedure  
1340.00 Home Modification, Adaptive and Household Equipment No Related Procedure  
1345.00 Homemaker Services No Related Procedure  
1355.00 Transportation Services No Related Procedure  
1370.00 Rehabilitation Technology 1370.00P  
1375.40 Work-Try-Out (WTO) / On-The-Job Training (OJT) Policy Word Document (81KB, 8pg) No Related Procedure Form VR-400 Word document (68KB, 1pg)
Form VR-69 Word Document (33KB, 1pg)
1380.00 Work Study Programs with Employers in the Community No Related Procedure  
1380.10 Work Study Programs at Rehabilitation Facilities No Related Procedure  
1391.00 Personal Assistance Services
(including interpreter services)

Procedural and Related Memos (some items are also listed above under the column Related Information)

VR Technical Assistance Briefs
TAB 2011-01 Substance Use Disorders & Vocational Rehabilitation Implications
TAB 2001 -01 Acquired Brain Injury
BIANYS Problem Solving Resourceexit site
Sept. 1996 Disabilities Related to HIV Infection
TAB 2002-01 Learning Disabilities and Vocational Rehabilitation Implications
TAB 2003-01 Mental Health
TAB 2003-02 Self Employment

Last Updated: October 1, 2014