Funding Limits for College and University Training Programs - POL-14-03

Postsecondary training is identified as a key strategy in the ACCES-VR State Plan for improving the quality of employment outcomes and increasing wage levels of individuals completing vocational rehabilitation services. Specifically, we have a goal to increase the overall earnings for individuals completing ACCES-VR services. In order to facilitate participation in college and university training, ACCES-VR is increasing allowable funding levels.

Funding Limits

The following adjustments to funding amounts for college training are effective immediately:

  • tuition at the actual SUNY or CUNY tuition rate (no change);
  • fees up to a maximum of $1,350 per year;
  • required textbooks and materials at the actual required amount; and,
  • room and board up to a maximum of $3,000 per year or $1,500 per semester ($1,000 per trimester).

Any plan completed and approved for the Summer or Fall 2014 is not required to be amended, but should be amended if the increased funding level will reduce the individual’s contribution to the cost of his/her college services. Pending plans should be updated to reflect the new limits. Private college and university programs, including graduate study, should be compared to an equivalent public college (SUNY/CUNY) program. These rates are based on full time status and should be prorated for part time attendance.


Waivers for the cost and duration of college training, in most instances, may be approved by the District Office Manager or Regional Coordinator. District Office waivers should not exceed the published cost of a NYS public college or university. Waivers for degree programs exceeding SUNY/CUNY rates for comparable programs must be submitted to the Central Office Waiver Committee for review. See the College and University Training Policy for more information.


OBSOLETE: POL-13-02 Funding Limits for College and University Training Programs, May 15, 2013


Consumer Involvement Policy 100.00
Consumer Involvement Procedure 100.00P
Comparable Benefits and Services Policy 208.00
Comparable Benefits and Services Procedure 208.00P
College and University Training Policy and Procedure 405.00
Consumer Participation in the Cost of Services Policy 1125.00

INQUIRIES: Any questions concerning this memorandum should be addressed to the Policy and Partnership Unit at 518-473-1626.

Date Issued: April 30, 2014