Funding Limits for Vocational Training Programs - POL-09-05

The purpose of this memo is to provide clarification and guidance for the application of funding caps as described in the 410.00 Non-Degree Training at Trade, Business and Other Schools Policy (as amended April 2009).

Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS)

The 410.00 Non-Degree Training at Trade, Business and Other Schools Policy applies to training provided by trade and business schools licensed or registered under Article 101 of the Education Law and Part 126 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education and other similar programs providing vocational training.

The State Education Department's (SED) Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) oversees and monitors all non-degree granting proprietary schools in New York State; over 450 businesses, trade and computer training facilities.

The Proprietary School Supervision system handles licensure and registration of New York State proprietary schools (trade and private business schools) and their curricula. The mission is to ensure consumer protection; to promote increasing educational competence, high standards, accountability, and integrity within the proprietary school sector; and to implement monitoring and oversight with fairness and equity.

Note: Schools licensed by SED will have an SED approved catalog, enrollment agreement, and placement statistics. The school should provide this information upon request.

Approved Vendors

Schools must comply with all appropriate aspects of (410.00 Non-Degree Training at Trade, Business and other Schools Policy) to be approved as VESID vendors. Compliance may be met in three categories:

  1. Programs overseen by SED
    • Business Schools, Trade Schools and Computer Training Facilities must be licensed or registered by BPSS to ensure that appropriate standards are met.
    • BOCES
    • Correspondence schools located in NY
    • Schools of Acupuncture (must be approved by the Office of the Professions)
  2. Programs overseen by other State or Federal Agencies:
    • Flight Schools (Federal Aviation Administration)
    • Driving Schools (Department of Motor Vehicles)
    • Truck Driver Training (Department of Motor Vehicles)
    • Security Guard Training (Department of Criminal Justice)
    • Insurance Agent Training School (Department of Insurance)
  3. Other Programs
    • Schools not required to obtain NYS licensure must be approved by VESID’s Provider Review Unit before services can be authorized.
    • Trade, Business and other schools located outside of NYS must be approved by the vocational rehabilitation agency or appropriate state regulatory agency where the program is located.

It is the responsibility of the District Office Business Manager or his or her designee to ensure that only approved schools are used. The fact that a school is included in VESID's vendor file does not mean that the school is an approved vendor under all circumstances.

Each district office should have a copy on file of the enrollment agreement form for schools supervised by the State Education Department's Bureau of Proprietary Schools (BPSS). The enrollment agreement form can be obtained directly from the school.

The SED Website at contains a listing of licensed and registered schools and is frequently updated. An additional website of interest.  Any school listed is approved by BPSS and can be used, as appropriate. The District Office Business Manager or other designated staff can authorize entry of these schools on the vendor file.

Funding Caps

Program Tuition  * $10,000
Fees  $300
Required Textbooks & Materials $500

Note: BPSS approved forms e.g. “enrollment agreement”, bearing the BPSS approval stamp should be utilized to verify agreed upon program costs. VESID prefers vendors itemize their program costs for tuition, fees, etc.

* Community Rehabilitation Provider training programs that were BPSS approved prior to April 27, 2009 at tuition rates exceeding $10,000 may be authorized at the higher rate but must be reviewed and approved by the District Office Manager or his or her designee. The tuition for these programs shall be capped at the tuition rate prior to the April 27, 2009 date. This exception to the tuition cap is limited to the following 6 Community Rehabilitation Provider programs:

Alpha Workshop Studio School # 642111

Decorative Arts @ $10,280

Contemporary Guidance Service (CGS) # 009830

Childcare Level 1 @ $10,140

Childcare Level 2 @ $15,210

Office and Computer Skills Training @ $14,138

Pet Care Tech @ $10,030

FedCap Career Design School, Inc. # 646752

Office Skills @ $10,384

Program Costs may include: tuition and related fees, required textbooks and materials, required clothing or uniforms and tools and equipment. Services must be necessary and appropriate to achieve the employment goal. Funding of these services is contingent on economic need. Maximum efforts must be made to secure comparable benefits and funding must be provided in a cost effective manner. Direct and related program costs associated with training are subject to VESID Policy 1125.00 Consumer Participation in the Cost of Services.


For purchase of clothing, tools and equipment, refer to Policy memo POL09-04 Purchase of Clothing and Tools and Equipment. Where possible, clothing, uniforms, supplies, tools and equipment should be itemized separately and purchased in the most cost effective manner. VESID reserves the right to purchase any or all of these items from other vendors if it is deemed cost effective.

Cost Effective Training

Refer to Consumer Participation in the Cost of Services Policy 1125.00. Justification for cost effective training must be documented on the (IPE) Original or Change Case Note under the new tab for Cost Effective Training, with supervisory review documented under the Supervisor Approval tab.


VESID has a waiver process to evaluate the consumer's individual situation and determine whether the established cost and duration limits would deny the consumer access to services; the process is established to accommodate the rehabilitation needs of an individual when necessary to achieve the employment outcome. Refer to Consumer Involvement Policy and Procedure 100.00 and 100.00P (April 2007) for more information.

Effective Date: September 8, 2009

Inquiries: Any questions concerning this memorandum should be addressed to the Policy and Partnership Unit at 518- 4743946.

Reference: Federal Regulation 34 CFR Part 361.48

Date Issued: September 8, 2009